I’m A Celebrity 2021: Travis Varcoe Opens Up About The Death Of His Sister Maggie

The AFL star opened up in an emotional moment in camp.

While speaking to Mel Buttle, Travis explained that after the tragic death of his sister Maggie he “hit a real low”.

In 2018 Maggie, 27, was involved in an on-field accident during a grand final in the SA Women's Football League. After the collision, Maggie walked off the field but later collapsed and was rushed to hospital where she fell into a coma.

“She never woke up from then,” Travis said.

“There did come a point where it was like - she was on life support - that this could not turn out the way that… as much as you hope and wish. And there was every chance too that if she pulled through she might not even remember any of us, which was quite heartbreaking,” he continued.

Describing it as “one of the toughest times” Travis also spoke about his decision to step back on the field a few weeks later.

“I had to go back and we played in the final series,” he told Mel, “Before the game, there was a lovely gesture by West Coast, we had a minute silence.”

His Collingwood teammates also wore black armbands in honour of Maggie.

“You have good days and bad days,” Travis said. “I don’t think it gets easier, I just think you find better ways of coping… I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t angry about it, it was a freak accident.”

Later in the Tok Tokkie, fighting back tears Travis said “certain triggers set you off a little bit”, while explaining that his fast friendship with Mel made him feel very comfortable in opening up to the comedian.

Though the celebrities have only been in the camp for a few days, it was an emotional day when Mel later made the tough choice to exit the show, leaving Travis fighting back tears knowing how difficult the decision was for her to make.

“It just breaks your heart that she feels like she’s let everyone down,” he told his campmates.

Since entering the jungle, the softly-spoken footy player has won audiences over.

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