I’m A Celebrity 2021: Sleep Shagging And Tickling Vids, X-Rated Scandals Rock The Camp

Just a few days into camp life and the celebs' sexy and sordid secrets are spilling out.

Ash ‘Foot King’ Williams revealed he sold photos of his feet in the past and his celebrity campmates were delighted — as they should be — with the comedian boasting a 4.45 star rating on Wikifeet.

On Tuesday Ash told another story about a quick money-making scheme that once again saw his feet in a starring role.

“I was in LA and I was trying to make money as a comedian and an actor,” Ash told the camp, “and that was not going that well so I had to make money off CraigsList.

“I saw this job and it was a tickling video,” he continued, admitting the job paid $350 USD.

“I sent through my headshot, resume and I got a call within like ten minutes saying ‘Hey, I have one question for you: are you ticklish?’ And I'm like... yeah mate.”

In a video posted to his Facebook back in 2018 Ash can be seen talking to one of the men helping out on the production, showing off the ranges of accents he could bring to the role of ‘hotel manager that eventually gets tickled’.

His acting chops were also put to the test, admitting that on occasion he had to fake a laugh or two. And while the tickling production team has contacted him since for a return to the genre, Ash admitted he wasn’t keen to revive his tickling career.

“It’s a fun industry,” he said, "if you get out at the right time."

But Ash isn’t the only one with saucy secrets being shared around the campfire. Later, Grant had an admission of his own, telling some of the celebs that he occasionally “sleep shags”.

“It’s a real thing,” Grant said between giggles. “I don’t know how to say this without coming off as creepy or weird, but I initiate sex in my sleep and don't know that I’m doing it.”

A bemused Jess Eva jumped in to ask, “What if you’re sleeping in the same room as your mum?!” Which Grant also laughed off.

The Family Feud host said that on several occasions he’s woken up in the midst of an intimate moment with his wife, confused to hear that he was the one who kicked things off.

After explaining the ins and outs of his experiences, Grant also told the camp they had nothing to worry about.

“I don’t wander around the place and find somewhere to sleep. It’s only when I’m in [bed] next to my wife,” Grant said. “It must be like a subconscious thing.”

Though the other celebs were delighted with his admission a blushing Grant admitted, “I’m really regretting that story.”

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