I’m A Celebrity 2021: Jess Eva Reveals Her Mum’s Unique Championship Skill

Jess revealed to her campmates the reason her parents were featured on 'Hey Hey It’s Saturday'… and we found the video proof.

While the celebs sat around the fire waiting for another serve of deliciously bland rice and beans, Jess revealed she wasn’t the first in her family to make it on TV.

“Mum was the Australian National gum-leaf player,” Jess explained before showing off the spoon skills she had to pick up in order to back-up her mum’s performances.

Though it can be incredibly tricky to learn, the instrument itself isn’t in short supply.

A leaf from a Eucalyptus tree is held in both hands and used as a kind of wind instrument to create a range of sounds.

Often believed to have begun as a way for First Nations hunters to imitate bird-calls, skilled players have been able to turn it into an incredibly versatile instrument.

Musician Uncle Herb Patten brought the instrument into the homes of many when he competed on the first season of Australia’s Got Talent.

In 1983 Jess’s mum Wendy appeared on Hey Hey It’s Saturday to perform, alongside Jess’s largophonist dad John.

Thanks to our quick online sleuthing we managed to find the video of the performance — unfortunately Jess wasn’t in the background on the spoons.

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