I’m A Celebrity 2021: An Investigation Into Whether Ash Williams Can Actually Play The Flute

Get out your magnifying glass, we’re gonna crack this case wide open.

The celebs have settled into camp life and are feeling more and more at home in the so-called Aussie jungle.

But on Thursday night they got a taste of their actual homes when their luxury items were delivered into camp.

Probably the most useful item was Colin’s massive pan, which he said he cooks his meals at home with so it’s “seasoned with love”. And now it’s going to get seasoned by many, many servings of rice and beans.

We had a few of the usual classics arrive — Pettifleur brought an inflatable for the water while Paulini brought in a Magic 8 Ball. Jess also brought her bowls and, considering she used to be a lawn bowls champ, she’ll be able to teach the camp a thing or two about the game.

There were the usual comfort items with Jack bringing in his enormous, bright pink hoodie-blanket fusion, and Abbie welcomed her boyfriend pillow, Pete, to the camp. For those of you in healthy relationships; a boyfriend pillow is like a regular pillow with an arm hanging off it so you have something to cuddle on those cold, lonely nights.

There were also some super emotional moments when Dipper received a footy with messages from his grandkids, a pillow for Toni Pearen with notes from her family, and a framed photo of Trav’s loved ones. Obviously, a few of the celebs were brought to tears not only seeing their own items arrive from home but also seeing some of their campmates getting emotional.

With several singers in camp, this year also saw a few musical-inspired items arrive. Grant brought a percussion box drum while Ash brought his… flute.

When it came time to show off his skills as a flautist… they were absent.

Since his arrival in the so-called jungle, Ash has showcased his many diverse talents, including but not limited to being a “foot king”, renting out his nipples, starring in a tickling fetish video. But can Ash play the flute? Why would he bring a flute into the jungle if he couldn’t play it…

Not since 2019, when Tahir Bilgic brought in a violin he didn’t know how to play, has a luxury item raised so many questions.

We searched Ash’s Twitter, his website, we scrolled so far back through his Instagram we could recognise his abs from 70 paces, but we couldn’t find a trace of flutes.

Here’s the only photo we could find on Ash’s Instagram with an instrument.

We are 90 percent certain that is not a flute.

If, like us, you want answers we’re going to be glued to the TV for the next few weeks waiting to see if Ash cracks out a few classics on the flute… or if he’s just got another terrifying tale of how he earned $300.

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