I’m A Celebrity 2021: Abbie Chatfield’s Boyfriend Pillow Causes Scandal In Camp

Just days after the celebrities were busted with a record amount of contraband, one celebrity has defied the rules with a trojan horse named Peter.

As the luxury items arrived, a few of the campmates had questions about Abbie’s choice of a “boyfriend pillow” — a small pillow with an arm hanging off it to give her something to cuddle when those nights in camp get a bit lonely.

Picking up her pillow, which was quickly dubbed “Peter”, Abbie remarked on how heavy it was. Initially, the comment was brushed aside. 'Maybe boyfriend pillows are heavy so it imitates bodyweight', we thought to ourselves naively.

Later, though, the truth was revealed. Pete was no more than a vehicle for contraband. And not just a few Bertie Beetles for Toni Pearen, but more like half a shelf worth of goodies.

First offering the camp a “cup of hot water”, Abbie pulled something out of Pete and dropped it into the camp kettle.

After a quiet word with the camp’s newest arrival and green team’s “dad” Colin Fassnidge, Abbie gutted Pete to reveal quite the supermarket sweep.


From what we could spot, Pete was not just a pillow but also a vehicle to smuggle in a tin of salmon, a jar of Vegemite, two jars of herbs or spices, a jar of coconut oil, and potentially many other items.

Reaching back in our memories the only other time we can remember a celeb using the ol’ trojan horse technique was when chef Justine Schofield used her grandmother’s locket to stash salt she could sprinkle over meals.

That being said, Justine’s methods were slightly more subtle than Abbie’s who, while waving around her jar of Vegemite, shrugged off Jack’s concerns that the campers could be punished for enjoying the contraband.


“I cannot say a bad word about him,” Jack later said of Pete in the Tok Tokkie, adding, “I really hope he doesn’t lead this camp into trouble but I have a bad feeling.”

Obviously the all-seeing eyes of Dr Chris and Lady Julia couldn’t miss the flagrant unveiling of the contraband, but rather than lay down the law immediately, they decided to give the celebs a false sense of security.

Looks like Pete may have also been an invitation for a whole lot of trouble.

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