“I Was Naive”: Pettifleur Berenger Thought A Makeup Artist Would Be In The Jungle

On Sunday night the former Real Housewives of Melbourne star was ejected out of the jungle.

Pettifleur Berenger’s arrival in the camp was met with some apprehension, with her reputation on the reality series preceding her. But instead of a dose of reality diva antics, Pettifleur showed a very different side to herself during her time in the so-called Aussie jungle.

Speaking to 10 play, Pettifleur said it wasn’t the easiest decision to agree to head into the jungle, knowing the challenges that lay ahead.

“It was my children who convinced me to do it,” she said. “I thought I could pass and maybe it would come up again next year but they said take the opportunity when it presents itself, and I’m that kind of person.”

While she raved about the experience overall, Pettifleur admitted that the series was a lot tougher than she expected.

“I was naive,” she said, “I expected there to be a make-up artist… I thought they would feed us off-camera meals with salt or sugar.”

But it was the opening up to her campmates that Pettifleur said was the biggest obstacle.

With many expecting Pettifleur to bring the Housewives brand of drama into the jungle, Pettifleur knew this was not only an opportunity to allow Australia to see a more vulnerable side to herself, but she also knew this wasn’t the type of show that needed drama.

“When someone turns on Real Housewives they’re not tuning in to see everyone get along. They’re tuning in to see wigs get thrown, wine to be thrown in someone’s face,” she said. “They tune in to see drama and I brought the drama every damn week, but this show isn’t for that so I didn’t bring drama,” she said.

And sure, there was the brief moment where a missing towel caused chaos in camp. Pettifleur still laughs about accusing celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge of the thievery. “I messaged him the other day, I said you think you’ve won… but you haven’t won.”

Opening up and allowing herself to bond with many of her fellow celebs, Pettifleur was worried what the Housewives fanbase would think of this completely different side to her. Since the series began airing she’s been blown away by the support, with fans embracing her vulnerability.

Pettifleur also exceeded expectations when it came to the Tucker Trials she faced. From throwing up a fermented duck egg into her hands and whipping it back into her mouth to win a star, to diving into a tank full of ice-cold water, she never called it quits.

Knowing what the trials meant, and that the other celebs were counting on her to do her best, something washed over her as soon as the trial started, and she found her inner-strength when she needed it most. The thought of giving up never crossed her mind.

Pettifleur’s time in the jungle was in support of Beyond Blue, having seen what a difficult year 2020 has been worldwide, she wanted to support an organisation that focuses on suicide prevention and mental health advocacy for anyone in Australia.

You can learn more about Pettifleur’s charity and all the charities the celebrities are supporting here.

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