‘I Used To Fight Everybody’: Colin Fassnidge Opens Up About His Feuds With Celebrity Chefs Manu Feildel And Miguel Maestre

The chef has a reputation for a feisty attitude both in and out of the kitchen, revealing the stories behind his feuds with some of Australia’s biggest celebrity chefs.

While he’s known for his incredible cooking and two restaurants, Colin is also well-known for getting into a few spats on social media. Never one to hold his tongue, Colin admitted that the culture of the culinary industry had made him used to sparring.

“I used to fight everybody,” he told Grant Denyer and Alli Simpson, “when you’re in chef land, forget about TV land, you’re fighting to make your name.

“Obviously I made my name but I forgot to stop fighting,” Colin continued.

Some of the industry’s greatest celebrity chefs are renowned for their prickly demeanours and no-holds-barred attitudes, with Colin explaining the backstory behind his feuds with some of Australia’s biggest names, Manu Feildel and current reigning King of the Jungle Miguel Maestre

His tension with Manu became a bigger issue when, back in 2013, Colin joined My Kitchen Rules as a guest judge, appearing on each season since, becoming a full-time judge and mentor last year.

When he joined the show, Colin said producers were aware of the feud between himself and Manu, adding that he felt like they were both ‘set up’ by the production.

“They knew me and Manu didn’t get on because we had like Twitter wars and all this sh*t, the usual, and in the paper,” Colin said, describing Manu as “the daddy of the show”.

Describing their first meeting as quite frosty, Colin recalled Manu shaking his hand before establishing that he was “the alpha” marking his territory. But near the end of the season things changed for the pair when Colin went into the dressing room and apologised for what had happened in the past, and the pair agreed to ‘bury it’.

In a 2018 interview, Colin admitted that becoming a dad really made him re-think the ways he had run kitchens in the past, and the goals he had set out for his career.

“I burned through so many staff. I was known as a hard chef in Sydney. And then one day I turned around and no one would work for me. Like, f***ing no one,” he told The Good Food Guide.

Since readjusting his priorities, Colin said his feuding days with Manu and Miguel are well over and the chefs are now like best friends.

“All the wives hang out, the kids hang out, the families hang out. We’re like, why did we wait so long to get to know each other?” Colin told his campmates, adding, “but that’s just like young bulls, that’s all it is”.

And while things are good for the chefs, old habits really do die hard.

Later, in the Tok Tokkie, Colin said, “Manu and the king of the jungle Miguel think they’re on top, but as always the Irish are the only winners in town. Or the jungle, for that matter.”

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