‘I Surprised Myself A Bit’: Derek Kickett Is Ejected From The Aussie Jungle After Tense Tiebreak

The next celebrity to face a massive ejection, Derek reflected on his time in the so-called Aussie jungle.

After the entire camp was tasked with walking exactly 25 meters, Derek found himself in the bottom three alongside Tottie Goldsmith and Emily Seebohm. The trio had to go head-to-head in a critter counting challenge that saw them putting their hands into a box they couldn’t see into, attempting to guess the number of the mystery creature inside.

As Derek, Emily and Tottie soon realised, the box was full of eels, and the notoriously slippery suckers saw both Derek and Emily guess the same number. Forced into a tiebreaker, both Emily and Derek had to guess the number of eyeballs in a jar. Sadly, Derek’s guess of 175 was just too far north of the actual number of 112.

Despite being flung out of the jungle and into a lake, Derek still had a smile on his face. Following his ejection he told 10 play, “To be honest, I loved it. Camping is what I love doing… So I had a great time. Being a country boy as well, to get that opportunity, it’s great to spend time out in the jungle.”

A self-described introvert, Derek admitted that the most difficult adjustment in the jungle was being surrounded by so many big personalities.

“I surprised myself a bit,” he admitted, “had to open up a bit more, talk to the guys and get to know them a bit better. For me it’s all about trust.

“A lot of people, even my work colleagues, were a bit surprised. They were saying, ‘you’re talking a lot more out in the jungle!’ I had no choice,” he added, laughing.

“Wake up every morning and you see the same faces, so you had to adapt really quickly, but it was great to get that opportunity and get out of my comfort zone.”

During his time in the jungle Derek solidified himself as a challenge beast. Unflappable when it came to even the toughest twisted dishes, he earned himself the nickname Iron Guts when he barely flinched in a Tucker Trial eating challenge.

“I would have done anything,” he said, “I remember one time a long time ago on a footy trip, there was an opportunity to go bungee jumping. I went all the way to the top and said, thanks guys I’m going back down. I chickened out!

“I was determined that whatever challenge was put forward I was going to do it,” he added.

Though his time in the camp had come to an end, Derek was still thrilled he had the opportunity to have had his time in the so-called Aussie jungle.

“From where I’ve come from, a small country town back in WA, to get that opportunity. I wasn’t only representing me, I was representing all my Mob, and the Aboriginal and First Nations people around Australia who believe anything is possible,” he continued.

“When I first played AFL, I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to walk out to the MCG and play. Anything’s achievable if you put your mind to it, if you get the opportunity.”

Derek’s time in the jungle was in support of Key Assets.

“I’m passionate about helping my Mob,” Derek explained, “so Key Asserts is my charity, and they’re a non-government, not-for-profit organisation that look after children and families in foster homes.

“First Nations people have a high number of those children in their care and they do a great job, but it’s also about getting the families that are in the care with these First Nations children to understand their cultural connection and understand their cultural background as well, it’s important to understand that and raise awareness for the families as well.”

If you’d like to learn more about Key Assets, or any of the charities the celebrities are supporting, click here.

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