‘I Married My Wife Three Times’: A Chat About Relationships Ends In Tears

During another episode of our favourite chat show set in the so-called Aussie jungle, 'Dipper’s DMs' focused on the married celebs in camp.

Dipper’s impromptu talkshow has touched on many topics, but around the campfire he quizzed a handful of the celebs on marriage and their past relationships.

Collin Fassnidge admitted that coming from Ireland things are still heavily set in the traditions of the Catholic Church.

“My parents, they separated but they would never get a divorce,” the celebrity chef said. “They still get on but they would never divorce.”

A very different experience was that of Grant Denyer who revealed he and his wife Chezzi have married not once but three times.

“I married her when we initially married, ten years ago, and then we got remarried in Vegas by Elvis,” he said with a smile.

“On our 10th anniversary, we wanted the kids to experience the union because, obviously they weren’t there when we got married, and we wanted to have a little memento that they could remember, something that they could feel some investment in and they could be part of,” Grant continued.

“We renewed our vows at the top of this hill and we had a celebrant there and family, and it was really good,” Grant said, adding that his two daughters Sailor and Scout “absolutely loved” the ceremony.

But when chat turned to Pettifleur Berenger’s experiences, the usually stoic reality star became overwhelmed with emotion.

“I married twice,” she told the group. “Unfortunately both my marriages didn’t last, which was very sad… I’m not good at it, obviously.

“I married without any of my family because I couldn’t afford to get my dad over to walk me down the aisle,” she continued, fighting back tears.

Back in 2016, Pettifleur told TV Week that she had vowed not to marry for a third time adding, “I feel like when you get married you get taken for granted.”

This isn’t the first time Pettifleur has let down her guard while talking about relationships. Earlier in the week while speaking to Jess Eva about dating, the former Real Housewife admitted she was “not interested” in dating.

“I know I tease the boys and everything but I have just no feelings at all,” she said before describing herself as “broken”.

“I don’t know what it is, I really don’t. But I just don’t feel anything for anyone. It’s a sh*t way to be,” she said in tears.

“I hope one day I’m just going to, like, open up my heart… I don’t want to be like this but I just am.”

After she spoke to the group about her marriages, Toni Pearen later said in the Tok Tokkie, “It was just this moment where it all came out of her and it’s interesting how it just lives deep in her, but she’s a strong woman and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

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