‘I Lost Everything’: Tottie Goldsmith Speaks About The 2011 Drugs Bust That Changed Her Life

In 2011, Tottie Goldsmith was stopped at a Portsea festival by police who discovered she was in possession of drugs.

Speaking to the celebrities in camp, Tottie opened up about her experience, and the events that she said changed the course of her career completely.

“There were police everywhere and this dog came up and was sniffing my bag… [the police] said would you mind emptying your bag and I said sure,” Tottie explained, “so I emptied my bag and he had put a little thing of cocaine into my make-up thing.

“My world started spinning,” she continued.

For legal reasons Tottie did not reveal the name of the man in question but did tell the camp that when he arrived he admitted to police that the drugs were his, explaining to the police that he had been concerned the drugs would be compromised in the hot weather.

“And [the police] said well, it’s possession. She has it. So we had to go into this tent and fill out all of these forms and I’m panicking, my dad’s there. I’m panicking and I’m saying, what am I going to tell my dad?” Tottie continued, tearing up.

The story, she added, was later leaked to the press. Of the 38 people who were discovered with drugs at the festival on that day, only Tottie’s name was leaked to the press.

“They slammed me, not only in Australia, in America, in England. It was hell. Hell just broke out and I said to him, can you please write a letter to the press and say it was yours? And I couldn’t get him to do it.

“He was never going to do it and I went, if I say his name now he will deny it, and who are they going to believe? They’re going to believe him because that’s a better story, right? It’s a better story. That man never admitted to it.”

Though Tottie was never charged, she said the incident completely changed her whole life.

“Charities dropped me… I lost work everywhere, I lost my income. I lost everything. [It] absolutely sunk me. It was on every network, every magazine, every paper. And it’s hell, isn’t it? It’s hell.”

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