‘I Looked At His Phone And It Blew My Mind’: Emily Seebohm Reveals Heartbreak Over Cheating Scandal

They were the golden swimming couple, but Olympic Gold Medalist Emily Seebohm spoke about discovering her ex Mitch Larkin was cheating on her.

Speaking to Davina Rankin in the jungle, Emily said she had a “gut feeling” something was wrong.

“I saw messages,” she told Davina, “I looked at his phone and it was just like… blew my mind,” she said, adding that Larkin “denied it hardcore”.

Later, Emily admitted that if she could do it all again “There’s some things that I would like more private, or privacy with, but unfortunately that just wasn’t the case for that situation and it sucked.”

As Larkin went to the press to tell his side of the story, denying the allegations of cheating, Emily told Davina the split was “like going through a divorce” having to go through a process of mediation and engaging lawyers.

“It was terrible, and we’re on the same team as each other like, I don’t talk to him anymore,” she said, adding, “it used to make me really anxious. I’d get scared of seeing him.”

Chatting to Woman’s Day, Emily also admitted that the split really took a toll on her confidence and had a hand in her battle with an eating disorder.

In the jungle, Emily admitted that she has had time to process the split and is “in a much better place”.

“Probably because I’ve been so open in the last couple of years. I found so much love in my family, love with my friends and love with my new partner, and I get that love back from all of them.”

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