‘I Knew I Was Going To Go’: Tottie Goldsmith Ejected From The Aussie Jungle

Landing once again in one of the hotseats, Tottie Goldsmith was the latest celebrity to be ejected out of the camp.

Speaking to 10 play Tottie said, “I knew I was going to go, I couldn’t have been in that seat that many times and go through.

“It was such a shock because I hit that water really hard,” she said, laughing, “I whacked my head and back… and it’s so wild because one minute you’ve gone from being in this camp to suddenly… people are drying you off and dressing you and you’re out on stage, my brain couldn’t catch up to it!

“I was really relieved, I was so ready. It was good timing for me,” Tottie continued, “I was actually hoping it’s my turn because I needed to eat! I needed a warm shower, to get dry and I needed to eat!”

As the final celebrity to enter the camp this year, Tottie was discovered by Davina Rankin at the very top of a tower during the Mile High Club Tucker Trial.

“From the minute that door opened and [I saw] that huge smile, there was an instant connection,” Tottie said. “I had a really beautiful person take me into that world and, I think at that stage, they wanted someone new to play with!”

Quite literally leaping into the jungle experience, Tottie said she was “up for anything” during her time in the camp. “Part of the reason you do it is to challenge yourself and see what you’re made of.”

During her time in the camp Tottie spoke about some of the most difficult times she had to overcome during her career, including the drug bust that change the course of her life forever. Admittedly, she never thought it would come out.

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“Davina was actually talking about an experience she had that really triggered me, about the press not looking after her at a vulnerable time,” Tottie said.

“It was very difficult, because you realise how those experiences sit under the surface, but I actually feel good now because I’ve had a chance to get it out of my body and finally have my say.”

Through the whole experience Tottie said she learned so much more about how tough she can be, pushing through and out of her comfort zone during her time in the so-called jungle.

“I didn’t go in there to win, I went in there to have the experience and shine a light on my charity. It wasn’t about winning,” she admitted.

Tottie’s time in the jungle was in support of the Stroke Foundation, a cause very close to her heart.

“My ex-husband had a debilitating stroke. Seeing up close what that does to a family, and to our daughter, to see what it has done to his life… I was ripped to shreds for him and it made me so much more aware of the impact of stroke, and that was absolutely a driver for me, going in.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Stroke Foundation, or any of the charities the celebrities are supporting, click here.

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