‘I Feel Betrayed!’: David Subritzky’s Real Identity Revealed In Camp

The true identity of Dave ‘The David’ Subritzky was finally revealed to his celebrity campmates.

Before any of the celebrities made their home in the so-called Aussie jungle, Poh Ling Yeow was tasked with one of the biggest secret missions in the show’s history: convincing her campmates that David Subritzky was a super influencer and shoe designer, and not the regular guy from the Gold Coast he actually is.

As more celebs entered the jungle, Poh gained allies in her mission to mislead.

With the help of Joey Essex and David’s IRL friend Davina Rankin, the foursome continued to spin a web of lies, creating a history of run-ins with A-listers. On one occasion, David was able to convince Cal Wilson that she had seen a photo of him with Lindsay Lohan.

But the lies all came to an end on Sunday night when the celebrities were faced with David’s true identity. And no one was more shocked than Beau Ryan.

Out of everyone in the camp, Beau came the closest to uncovering the truth, on multiple occasions. Firstly when David realised Beau knows his sister, then during a chat about his father David let his real last name slip. Finally, when Beau began grilling David on his shoe business, it became increasingly clear that he had absolutely no grasp on the global market. Struggling to even answer simple questions like where are the shoes made?

Despite his suspicions, Beau was absolutely spun out when he heard the truth.

After days of convincing the camp he was a fellow famous person, David’s fate was thrown into the hands of the very people he had been lying to, with Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris revealing that the other celebs would have to vote to keep David in the camp or boot him for not being a “real” celebrity.

Unanimously, all of the celebs voted to keep David, with Nathan Buckley casually admitting, “The idea of ‘celebrity’ is bulls**t anyway and he's a great fella and he should stay”.

Thankfully for David, Poh, Davina and Joey, they no longer have to keep up the facade as ‘The David’ makes room for just David.

Not only does David get to stay in camp with his new celeb fam but because the four were able to convince the others of his worldwide fame, they won a huge glam treehouse for the whole camp to enjoy.

But that doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier for our celebs as Dr Chris and Lady Julia will no doubt have even more devious schemes and tough Tucker Trials up their sleeves.

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