‘I Don’t Want To Get Rejected Again’: Abbie Chatfield Makes Her Move On Ash Williams In Camp

Things seem to be heating up in the so-called Aussie jungle and we aren’t just talking about the campfire.

With a handful of single celebs in the camp this year, one man has become quite the hot property. Ash Williams seems to have caught the eye of not one but two of his campmates, and it appears a love triangle may be well and truly forming.

Back in the very first episode of the season, Ash admitted to Abbie Chatfield that he had slid into her direct messages (aka DMs), adding that the former Bachelor star had left him on read and didn’t respond.

Later revealing that his most recent relationship had also begun through an innocent DM slide, it appeared a pattern was forming.

To get to the bottom of his intentions behind his message to Abbie the camp held a makeshift talk show where Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico quizzed the comedian and other campmates on their own DM histories.

“I don’t think when Ash DM’d me it was completely innocent,” Abbie said in the Tok Tokkie, describing the whole afternoon as “very, very awkward”.

Since entering the camp, Ash and Abbie have captured the attention of many of the other celebs, with some putting wagers on how long it would take for the pair to get together. And it’s looking like that bet may pay off soon.

After a particularly rainy afternoon, Ash extended Abbie the offer to sleep in his bunk with him if hers was soaked. Soon, the offer became the talk of the camp with Abbie, Jack Vidgen, and Paulini Curuenavuli discussing the sparks between the pair.

“The rig, it’s the body. I just want to be - I just want to like nuzzle into the nook of his neck,” Abbie said.

But as the trio were chatting, Pettifleur Berenger interrupted to offer her opinion that Ash has his sights set on someone else… Pettifleur herself.

“I don’t normally get into this whole drama over a guy,” Pettifleur later told Paulini. “A girl chases a man, a lady waits to be - you know - chased.

“I’m not chasing any man.”

While Pettifleur feared having to chase Ash around the camp, Abbie was facing a different fear.

“I don’t want to get rejected on TV again,” Abbie said.

In 2019 Abbie was the runner-up on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, making it all the way to the finale only to be “dumped on a rock” in South Africa as she’d later describe it.

“Everyone else is afraid of the snakes, the spiders, the cane toads and all I’m scared about is another rejection.”

When bedtime arrived and the celebs snuggled into their beds, Abbie took the opportunity to accept Ash’s offer and finally got the snuggle she had wanted.

But the move didn’t go unnoticed by one former Real Housewife of Melbourne, as Pettifleur watched Abbie sneak into Ash’s bed.

That wasn’t the only heart to break in camp that night, as Abbie got nice and close with Ash she left her luxury item — boyfriend pillow Pete — quite literally deflated on the other side of camp.

Only time will tell if this spark will turn into a flame, or if our love triangle will bring a dose of drama to the so-called Aussie jungle.

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