How A Bed In Camp Brought The Celebs To Tears

What should have torn them apart through competitive jealousy turned into one of the nicest moments in camp so far.

Returning to camp to find a lush bedroom set-up in the camp complete with a bed and some actual clean sheets, the celebs learned one of them would have the chance to sleep in a proper bed and receive a pamper pack.

To top it all off, the lucky celeb would also receive a hot breakfast delivered in camp.

Rather than the celebs clawing each other to pieces in a race to get to the bed first, a very civil voting system began — with the men of the camp voting for one woman and the women voting for one man who would go head-to-head to win it all.

One-by-one each celeb stood up and voted for who they believed deserved the night in the bed, and why. What ensued was one of the most heartwarming moments in camp to date, with celebs tearing up as they explained why they thought their campmate deserved a treat.

“Anybody who’s been feeling down you have pulled up and made better about themselves and this whole experience,” Grant Denyer said to Jess Eva as she wiped away tears from hearing several of her campmates sing her praises.

“I thought I was annoying,” Jess joked.

Later, in the Tok Tokkie, Jess admitted it was difficult to hear such kind words about her from the others.

“It’s really hard to take it in. Being yourself isn’t always accepted so it was just really nice of them. It’s scary being yourself sometimes.”

Later, casting her own vote, Jess was still fighting back the emotions as she said, “I don’t think this person has been given anything for their entire life. I think they’ve worked for it and they never, ever talk about it.”

Casting her vote for Jack Vidgen, Jess continued to say, “I think on the outside it looks like his life’s pretty rosy but I think on the inside he’s fighting for everything he has and does. So I want to give him that.”

Though we’ve seen the celebs form friendships and become like a little jungle family, it couldn’t be clearer how much they each love and respect each other.

The camp selected Jess and Colin Fassnidge to go head-to-head in a race to put on as many nighties as possible, with Jess ultimately winning the night in the bed.

Thankfully the image of Colin stripping off 13 nighties was enough to lighten the mood, and was reward enough for the rest of the camp who had to watch Jess crawl into bed from their bunks.

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