‘Highlight Of My Life’: Beau Ryan Opens Up About His Family

During another episode of the celebrities’ favourite jungle podcast, Beau Ryan spoke about the personal highlight across his life and career.

Having already established himself as an NRL star, and later an on-screen star with his TV work, Beau admitted that when it came to picking a highlight it actually had nothing to do with his career at all. 

Speaking to Cal Wilson and Dylan Lewis on the ‘Highlights, Happiness and Ham’ podcast that has taken the so-called Aussie jungle by storm, Beau said he had been lucky to achieve the things he had in his career, “But every time I get asked this question I just see the same moment”. 

That moment was his wedding to wife, Kara. “Footy players can only get married in October, you get four weeks off so that’s it,” he continued. “We got engaged at the start of the year and we were going to get married the following October. My wife fell pregnant so I said let’s cancel the wedding, we’ll move it until after the baby.” 

But Kara insisted they keep the date, and Beau told his fellow celebrities about the moment he turned to see Kara, seven months pregnant, walking down the aisle. 

“I don’t get nervous, don’t get flustered, but having 200 people who I love staring at you, I started getting emotional,” he said. “Whenever people say, what’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you, my kids obviously, but that moment, because my daughter was there too, I just can’t explain it, but that moment is the highlight of my life.” 

Beau and Kara were married in August 2012 while Kara was pregnant with their daughter Remi and in 2017 they welcomed son Jesse to the family. 

“I’ve had that time I regret,” Beau admitted to the camp,” looking at when my daughter was real little, when I was not present. So I take her twice a year, a month in winter and a month in summer, where I tell her we’ll train for cross country but really…we do two laps…but the end goal is the coffee shop. 

“I want to have a coffee with her and she has a hot chocolate, the running just disarms her for the hot chocolate and that’s what I want the most. 

“When I’m with them and they’re asking me things that has got nothing to do about me, that’s when I’m the happiest.” 

After the camp all swooned over Beau’s sweet words to his wife and kids, he made sure to leave them with one lasting image that is so perfectly Beau. 

In response to the third — and arguably most important — section of the podcast title, Beau’s ‘Ham’ memory was all about the Easter Show, going to visit the huge pigs with his son. 

“We try and get as close as we can to their testicles,” he told the camp.