'He Never Provided For The Family': Dicko Opens Up About His Relationship With His Father

Speaking in the South African jungle, Ian 'Dicko' Dickson opened up about his relationship with his father, and how it informed how he wanted to be a better dad.

This story discusses domestic violence and may be triggering for some readers. 

The former 'OG bad boy' of Australian Idol has surprised his fellow celebs with his ability to be upfront and honest about his life experiences, and how they've changed him over the years.

On Wednesday, Dicko spoke to the camp about his relationship with his parents, specifically his father who he described as "not a great dad and pretty violent". 

"He became an alcoholic, he never really stopped being a user and I think [it's] because he was from a sh*t background and had a sh*t lot in life and he was fairly brutal... he just carried it through his whole life," Dicko explained.

Adding that his father was also a victim of abuse from his own parents, Dicko told a particularly harrowing story about how his dad received a wound to his back.

"He's got a stab wound in his back that I assumed was from the army," Dicko told the camp. "He told me later in life it was from his mum. He wound her up so much that she turned around with a bread knife and went for him... she stuck the knife in his back."

Later, in the Tok Tokkie, Dicko also said his dad was "a real exuberant guy [with a] great sense of humour, awesome energy", but that he was also absent quite a lot.

"I never got to forge the sort of relationship with my dad that I did my mum who was an ever-presence in my life growing up and was very much my angel, my inspiration".

His dad, on the other hand, was his "driving force" because Dicko felt he never provided for his family. "I always said I'm going to provide for my family," he told the camp.

When Dicko went to university his father moved to Italy, but after Dicko had his own kids he wanted them to know their grandfather. After flying his father over for several visits, Dicko said his behaviour just got worse and worse until he made the decision to cut him out of his life.

Back in the Tok Tokkie, Dicko continued to say, "No matter how much you try and grow up and evolve into the sort of man that your dad wasn't... I find myself behaving in a way sometimes and I go, oh my god that's just like my father.

"I guess you have to accept that everyone's got good points, and my dad was a fabulous entertainer. So, if I've inherited any of those things from him, I guess I have to accept them with good graces as well."

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