Harry Garside Reveals Why He Donated His Olympic Medal

The Olympian shocked his campmates when he revealed the five-word reason behind donating his Olympic bronze medal.

Harry Garside has surprised his fellow celebs and Aussies watching time and time again as the Olympic boxer continues to break down stereotypes.

On Wednesday, Harry was asked where he keeps his Olympic bronze medal, to which he revealed he had given away both his medals. Giving his Commonwealth Gold to his coach, Harry also said he donated his Olympic bronze to the MCG Museum.

"I know what I did," the boxer said.

Harry became an instant sporting legend when he won the bronze at the Tokyo Olympics, the first Aussie in more than three decades to win a medal in boxing.

But rather than hang onto the bronze, Harry said he wanted to donate it to a place that held some significance to his own life, remembering going to the MCG Museum on a school trip.

"I think I was about year eight and I was just so inspired... so motivated," Harry explained, "I think, hopefully, some young kid can see that and then, who knows? Take up a combat sport and strive for greatness in whatever they do."

During his time in the jungle, Harry has been completely open with his campmates and himself about how this time has been a moment of re-focus and recalibrating what he wants to do with his career and sporting legacy moving forward, even questioning if the upcoming Paris Olympics is even on the cards anymore.

"To be successful, and I know what it takes... doesn't matter who you hurt, doesn't matter the relationships, the friendships, doesn't matter family but to be the best a what you do... that's it. But life's so much more than that, isn't it?"

If today was the deadline, Harry said he would not want to continue to pursue the Olympic dream.

"It feels like, for the first time in my whole life, ever since I was a young boy...I'm starting to enjoy life," Harry said.

The boxer's penchant for looking inward has continued to win over fans.

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