Grant Denyer Got Naked On Sunrise To 'Offend Mel'

The former morning TV weatherman said he went to great lengths to get a rise out of his former co-star.

The celebs have only been in the so-called Aussie jungle for about a week but already Grant has managed to surprise the gang with his honest admissions about his life, as well as delight them with wild tales of his career.

When asked by Jess Eva the most “offensive thing” he ever did during his time on Sunrise, Grant admitted that he tried to cross the line as often as possible in his tenure as the weatherman.

Grant served as the weather presenter on the morning TV show from 2004 to 2006 when he became a reporter for the show. In 2010 he took up the position of weather presenter again and remained in that role until 2013.

“My yardstick for when I was doing the crazy weather stuff was if I could offend Mel I’d get like an extra 10,000 people like, ‘Yes! This is awesome,’” Grant told his campmates.

“She was very conservative so if I could push the envelope and make her uncomfortable-“ he continued.

“You knew you were going well,” Jess surmised.

In a collection of his best bits on the show Grant can be seen in various wild outfits including a LOT of spandex and even more short shorts, bungee jumping off a helicopter, and famously passing out in a stunt plane.

But one moment that really came to mind was when he was presenting from the steps of the Opera House in 2010.

Photographer Spencer Tunick had organised a massive gathering of over 5,000 people for one of his famous nude photographs and Grant was covering the event, still clothed.

“I was standing there doing live crosses… and then I hear this, ‘Grant! Grant! Grant! Grant!’ Like one person… and then two people going, ‘Grant!’ And then ten, and then all of a sudden there’s like 50 people chanting your name,” he said.

“I’m like nahhh I’m in! Kit off, straight in, did the rest of the morning just there starkers!”

Jess, an inquiring mind, had the question that all of us were wondering as she asked, “Did they pixelate your willy?”

From all accounts, Grant apparently kept his back to the camera at the time. But he assured his campmate the pixelator was working overtime that day to keep his Gold Logie covered.

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