Grant Denyer Comes Face To Face With His Fears, Buried With Over 70 Snakes

The dreaded Viper Room made a comeback, pushing another celeb to their limits.

For years the Viper Room has been one of the most challenging trials, with new twists and turns added each season.

This year, Grant Denyer was the lucky — or not-so-lucky — celeb selected to spend some quality time with over 70 of his closest slithering friends.

This year, Grant was not going to just be laying in a pit full of snakes, but also had the lower half of his body buried to really give him that ‘buried alive’ feel.

Ahead of the trial, the Gold Logie winner admitted that since breaking his back in 2008 during a monster truck crash, he has suffered from claustrophobia. He’s also not too fond of snakes, so the combination of the two really wasn’t something he was thrilled with.

To win a full 13 stars, Grant was told he would need to spend 13 minutes in the Viper Room where, unbeknownst to him at the time, the lights would also be turned out leaving him in complete darkness with over 70 snakes.

Just hearing the name of the trial, Grant began to tear up, fearing what he was about to do.

Im A Celebrity Grant Denyer Viper Room

Knowing his fellow celebs back at camp were waiting for him to bring back as many stars as he could, Grant tearfully told Chris and Julia, “You don’t need to succeed, you just need to try because there’s joy in trying. Let’s do it.”

Throughout the trial Grant’s entire upper half was covered in writhing snakes, with many collapsing on and slithering over his face. But it was when the lights went out that the party really got started with the snakes getting even more active all around him.

Despite facing two of his biggest fears, Grant managed to conquer the Viper Room and not only stay the full 13 minutes in the pit, but also secured a full suite of stars to take back to camp, and a new appreciation for what he can endure when it comes to his claustrophobia.

Once he was freed from the trial, Grant again became overwhelmed with emotion.

“I don’t want to go into a tight space anymore and be afraid of not being able to find the exit or not being able to hide in a cupboard and play hide and seek with my kids,” he said adding, “Daddy’s coming home a little bit braver than when he left.”

Showing his bravery throughout his time in the Viper Room, it was clear the trial had definitely rattled the star, with Grant still feeling like he had snakes wriggling over him on his walk back to camp.

That’s a feeling that might take a few showers to get rid of!

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