Dr Chris And Lady Julia Reveal Behind The Scenes Secrets To Their Movie-Magic Musical Number

Celebrating the best of iconic Aussie cinema, Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris sing their hearts out while paying homage to our fave home-grown movies.

While some fans assumed a few social media posts were clues about who’ll be heading into the jungle, they had no idea what they’d really be getting.

From Max Max to Strictly Ballroom, Kenny to Muriel’s Wedding, Chris and Julia went all out and got into character — and we may never recover from seeing Chris in a cocktail dress and heels. We mean that in the best way possible.

We found a bit more about what went into the making of this already legendary musical number — including why you should always be careful about where you hang your spanner.

With both Chris and Julia providing the vocals for the track we were surprised to hear that Chris has only just started to dip his toe into the music world.

“During lockdown this year, much to the horror of my neighbours, I took up the guitar and with that has come some singing,” he said. “That has been the extent of my training. So now you get the horror of what it’s like to live next door to me!”

Julia, on the other hand, has been singing for years — which we got to see a lot more of during the most recent season of The Masked Singer Australia.

“I turned up to record the jungle tune in a 7-foot pink cat suit,” she said. “My preparation was taking the cat head off and getting some fresh air mixed with a constant personal supply of raspberry bullets.”

No surprise that when asked which pop culture icon the pair loved dressing up as the most, both said Kenny.

“I did offer my own moustache and goatee but they decided to go with a less full beard for the promo,” Julia joked.

“Even though I try to keep my time inside portals to a minimum,” Chris added, “the Kenny scene was a lot of fun. Plus there are great acoustics in those dunnies.

Mad Max was also rather amusing,” Chris continued, “if it looks like I’m walking with a wide stance it’s because with every stride, the spanner hanging off my belt swung through at a rather dangerous angle…”

But our favourite looks for the pair were Julia’s Muriel’s Wedding gown and, of course, Chris decked out in drag in an ode to The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Julia’s dress, designed by Australian couturier Nicki Velani, was a direct homage to the dress Toni Collette wore in Muriel’s Wedding.

“I felt like calling out, ‘I’m a bride!’” Julia said.

Meanwhile, Chris had to undergo a two-hour transformation to get into drag.

“[That] involved more tape, powder and mascara than I’d like to admit,” he said adding, “nothing would prepare me for the ultimate test of true Priscilla credentials: balancing on top of a bus in size 15 heels with a wind machine at full speed.

“Surprisingly they didn’t teach me that in vet school.”

While the promo is an absolute blast, it did come with a few vague hints as to who’ll be heading into the Aussie jungle.

Keep your eyes peeled as a pop star, renowned chef and an AFL star have packed their bags and will be revealed when the next season kicks off on Sunday, 3 January.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, 3 January on Network 10 and 10 play