Burnt Rice And A Scorched Sock Set Tensions High In Camp

They’ve survived trials, they got through licking feet but our celebs may have reached breaking point this week.

With Colin and Alli out of the camp on Thursday night competing in the trial, the remaining celebs were left chef-less, so Dipper volunteered to be on lunch duty.

Attempting to serve up a gourmet meal of rice and beans, Dipper briefly shut his eyes and had a bit of a rest, not realising that the rice and beans had begun to burn. With the water turning a muddy brown, bits of charred rice and bean started to float to the surface.

When he finally realised, Dipper came up with a genius idea to strain out some of the water in an effort to rescue lunch. He filtered it through a hessian sack in such a fashion that we started believing we were watching a tucker trial.

Im A Celebrity Burned Rice Dipper Grant
Um, Chris? Julia? Any chance you have some leftover Scalp-erol Spritz?

Serving up a lunch of rice, beans, and a hearty garnish of hair from the sack he passed the food through, the other campers were less than pleased.

Describing the meal having notes of being “drained through his dirty sock”, Grant Denyer attempted to offer some feedback to the chef.

“Hey Dip, that food is no good man. Not a good start, mate. We can’t afford to miss a meal,” Grant said. “I think if we’re on cooking duties we need to be up and awake.”

With the campmates hungry and still picking sack hair out of their teeth, everyone was on edge, and it was at that point that Dipper decided to confront Grant about his comments.

The pair, standing on either ends of the camp, explained their points of view with Dipper joking that he was happy with where things were at, “But say it one more time… I’ll come and see you over there”. At least, we think he was joking…

If feathers hadn’t been ruffled enough, enter Toni Pearen and the burned sock.

You may be asking, what would drive Toni to throw one of Abbie Chatfield’s socks into the camp fire? And the answer is simple: a reward of popcorn.

Given a secret mission, Toni received three headlines that she had to make come true. The first two were innocent enough, seeing Toni accuse Jess Eva of farting in the hopes that she would vehemently deny it, and forcing three celebs to endure a pointless, boring story.

With those done and dusted, the final headline required Abbie to ‘lose it’ over a burned sock.

I'm A Celebrity Toni Burns Abbi's Sock
Breaking news and breaking down.

Grabbing one of her socks, Toni called out Abbie for not tidying up after herself and threatened to drop the sock into the fire. Rather than losing it, Abbie simply was incredibly confused by the leap from zero to 100, with Toni saying she was “trying to make a point”, lowering the sock into the flames.

“You don’t mind your sock being burned?” Toni asked.

“…Not particularly,” an increasingly bewildered Abbie replied. “We’ve got another pair.”

Though she held it together during the heated (that’s a fire pun) exchange, after Toni walked out of the camp to claim her prize for completing the task, Abbie teared up.

Later, when the jig was up, Abbie admitted, “I already feel like everyone hates me and I was like, ‘oh everyone’s been talking about how messy I am!’”

Fingers crossed whoever was on popcorn duty kept their eyes on it and didn’t burn it.

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