Best Quotes Of The Jungle So Far

With the Grand Finale just around the corner, we thought we would gather some of the best and most hilarious quotes of the season so far!

Wave Away The Haters

Thanks to Richard, Yvie discovered the best way to shake-off the haters.

yvie jones bye felicia I'm A Celebrity

Justin The Scientist

Now that Justin is back to civilisation, Justin is ready to go and do the operations (we're still not sure what this means).

justin lacko science quote im a celebrity

Hungry Campmates

The truth comes out when Richard is hungry!

richard reid quote I'm A Celebrity

Very Hungry Campmates

The campmates will eat just about anything at this point.

yvie jones quote i'm a celebrity

Thinking Out Loud

Angie was never afraid to speak her mind.

Angie Kent and Yvie Jones Gogglebox I'm A Celebrity Dermott Quote

Tahir's Top Modelling Tips

Watch out Justin - it looks like Tahir might snatch up a modelling contract!

tahir bilgic quote i'm a celebrity modelling justin lacko

Natasha's Savage Comebacks

Let's just say there was a love-hate relationship between Natasha and Dr. Chris throughout the Tucker Trials.

natasha exelby im a celebrity dr chris quote

Wise Words From Justin

Finally, we have Justin, who just missed the nail on the head.

Justin Lacko quote I'm a celebrity philosophist

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