Battling Imposter Syndrome And Self-Doubts, The Celebs Celebrate Their Power

As the celebrities grow more and more accustomed to their home in the so-called Aussie jungle, more are having epiphanies about their lives in the outside world.

Despite having a Gold Logie to his name, Grant Denyer admitted that he still struggles with imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome, or imposter phenomenon, is the all-too-common feeling that your success in life is down to luck rather than your own talent or skills and that you perhaps don’t deserve your achievements.

The term was first coined in 1978 by two psychologists who studied over 150 high-achieving women and found all of them shared the same belief that they weren’t as intelligent or as successful as their achievements would suggest and that they were “fooling” those around them and feel like a fraud.

While that first study summarised that imposter syndrome only affected women, over time research has come to believe that around 70 percent of people will experience the phenomenon at some point.

“I think it comes deep down from thinking that you’re just not very good or you don’t deserve the opportunities, or maybe you’re not the smartest,” Grant said in the Tok Tokkie.

“It comes from a little bit of self-loathing, which is something that we all have to work on,” he continued.

Those who experience imposter syndrome often have a habit of brushing off praise and undermining their own successes as well as overworking and an unhealthy focus on their flaws.

Speaking to Jess Eva in camp, Grant said he watched back his early work and could see himself “pretending to be an adult”.

“I’m doing what I think a presenter should do rather than just doing the job, just being me and doing the job,” he said.

But Jess wasn’t going to let Grant undermine his own success, celebrating his rise from a farm boy in a town of 400 to hosting some of the biggest shows in Australia.

Remembering when he first started his career at Prime Television in Wagga Wagga he didn’t own a suit.

“My grandfather lent me his tie and showed me how to tie it,” he said, fondly. “That was a really special moment. He was so proud and watching the news in those areas is everything,” Grant continued.

“So when they see their little grandson pop up doing a story about a cat up a tree… it’s big… It’s like you’re in Hollywood, like you’ve just released a blockbuster.”

Jess had a similar moment when she and her partner Norm Hogan starred on The Block in 2018.

“Norm’s parents are from the farm and… he’s from a town of like 800,” Jess said. “When he got on The Block, mate, they nearly put up a bronze statue of him.”

Elsewhere in the camp, another celeb was coming to terms with her own sense of self and realising the extent of her power.

First chatting to Colin Fassnidge, Toni Pearen said that being in the jungle had opened her mind to the limitations she places on herself in the real world.

“I’ve always been of the mindset that… there’s only so much I can take on. There’s only so much I can handle because I need energy and commitment and focus on the family,” Toni said.

“I’m starting to feel that shifting because I’m starting to feel my own power again, but I’m wanting to push it away because I don’t want to have to entertain the idea of… what do I want to put my power into? I don’t know.”

Later, in the Tok Tokkie, Toni continued to explain that becoming a mum saw her ‘push away any kind of aspirations’.

“We have an idea of what a mum is supposed to look like, what a mum is supposed to be, and who we want to be,” she said. “We are nurturers and… I just want to be there for my kids, and I think that’s a noble cause.”

In a beautiful moment, Toni continued the chat about her journey of self-discovery with Jess, asking why it almost felt scary to have the realisation.

“It scares you because you’ve already decided the template of yourself and you’re actually so much more powerful than what you gave yourself credit for,” Jess said.

Having been through a similar scenario, Jess said that the jungle had pushed the celebs out of their comfort zones to such an extreme that they were finally seeing exactly what they are made of.

“What a great discovery, that you’re far more incredible than you ever imagined,” she told Toni. “What a wonderful day!”

In the Tok Tokki, Toni vowed that she would take that feeling out of the jungle and back to her life in the outside world.

“Through this whole experience, I realise that there’s a lot more to me than I allow myself to be. The new Toni is not going to be afraid of her own potential.”

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