Angie And Yvie Let Loose On The Campmates

Our TV critics have ditched the couch for some jungle fever!

Introducing your new favourite jungle duo: Angie and Yvie!

Aussie families first shared their living room with Angie and Yvie when they hit our screens on the hilariously addictive Gogglebox Australia. The two armchair critics weren’t shy to express their opinions about some of the most popular TV shows around, and this is why we love them so much!

Last night, the two critics sat on the couch again to get an exclusive sneak peek at their brand new campmates. With so much anticipation leading up to their camp debut, we gathered a few reasons why we love these new jungle sisters:

The way Angie and Yvie met is super unique

Let’s just say it was under pretty odd circumstances that Angie and Yvie met. Yvie was playing Mrs Clause and Angie was playing her elf during a Christmas promotion at a shopping centre. Although there was a 17-year age gap between the pair, Angie and Yvie instantly hit it off and have been best friends ever since!

Angie and Yvie are #BFFGoals

Angie and Yvie are in SYNC when it comes to their thoughts, sense of humour, and super fresh dance moves. The bubbly pair have had some of the most honest and hilariously heart-warming reactions to what they’ve seen on our tele screens.

They LOVE dogs

Angie and Yvie are obsessed with dogs and are always seen with a fellow fluffy friend by their side. How will they cope in the jungle without their best mates?

They are no strangers to the jungle

Our TV experts have watched a lot of shows in their time, including every season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! so far! With a bit of jungle knowledge up their sleeve, are they prepared enough to enter the jungle?


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