All’s Scare In Love And War: A Prank War Explodes In The I'm A Celebrity Camp

The celebs are nearing the end of their time in the so-called Aussie jungle, and they’re making the most of it.

After weeks of nothing but rice and beans, and the occasional tucker trial to terrorise them, the celebs have started to go a bit stir-crazy. Instigated by celebrity chef and camp dad Colin Fassnidge, a festival of pranks began with some very fake jungle mail.

Roping Dipper into his scheme, Colin grabbed the mail from the night before and the devious duo devised a completely fake camp task to humiliate the other celebs.

“You have participated in many trials with many animals,” Colin announced to the camp as if he were reading off the page.

“Today, you will play your favourite farmyard animals… good luck, oink oink,” he said to a sea of confused faces.

Though baffled, the other campmates almost immediately assumed the various positions of ducks, chickens, pigs, and cows to the delight of Dipper and Colin.

After the pair announced it was a prank, it was game on and no one was safe.

In every corner of the so-called jungle, celebrities hid behind bushes, trees, under bunks, and even around the dunny doors to scare each other.

But the ultimate prank of the day came after Colin was joined on a trial by Jess Eva and Adam Densten. Having survived some of the worst stenches Chris and Julia could waft their way, the trio came back and convinced the camp they had only won 4 stars.

Truly in a sign of support, the celebs were supportive and congratulated the team on their efforts, before the tricksters revealed their victory of a full suite of stars.

“I’m so disappointed in myself,” prank victim Grant Denyer later admitted in the Tok Tokkie, “for even trusting them for even a second. Of course it was a prank!”

Though it’s a week of eliminations, and we’re saying farewell to one celebrity each night this week, at least we can say pranks for the memories.

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