A Tense Tiebreaker Kicks Off A Week Of Eliminations As Another Celeb Is Ejected From The Jungle

On Sunday night, one more celebrity farewelled the jungle in a spectacular fashion.

Pettifleur Berenger was the second celebrity to face a massive ejection after a tense tiebreaker between herself and Alli Simpson saw the former Real Housewife of Melbourne catapulted into a pond and out of the jungle.

The celebrities found out that they would be facing a full week of eliminations starting on Sunday, once again facing two rounds of measurement-based tasks. Despite Gogglebox stars Adam Densten and Symon Lovett only just walking into the jungle, Dr Chris and Lady Julia also revealed that no celebrity would be exempt from the eliminations.

Round one saw the celebs attempt to put 15 kilograms of laundry into a massive washing machine. Without a scale, celebs had to make a guess as to how much laundry they were holding, with Alli, Pettifleur, and Ash Williams all the furthest from the goal.

The three celebs were then tasked with putting their hands in a box and, without seeing what was inside, attempt to guess how many jungle critters were in the box.

At the very last second, Alli changed her answer to 20 critters, which was the exact same number Pettifluer ended up guessing, sending the two into a tense tiebreaker and securing Ash at least one more night in the jungle.

For the final tiebreaker, Alli and Pettifleur had to guess how many eyeballs were in a glass jar. Unfortunately for Pettifleur, Alli had a keener eye and was only 5 eyeballs off the correct answer, sending Pettifleur flying.

Despite being a late arrival in camp, Pettifleur managed to make some strong connections in camp. After her elimination, Pettifleur admitted to Chris and Julia that she was expecting the experience to be “a lot easier” than what it actually is, but having the support of her campmates made it that much easier.

“I’ve been so fortunate to be with a bunch of really beautiful people,” she said. “There’s a lot of love in that camp, very nice people.”

Though there was a lot of second-guessing of Pettifleur, when it came to trials she never shied away from a challenge. Even when she was freezing cold or throwing back a fermented duck egg, she never threw in the towel.

Speaking of towels… don’t ever get in the way of a lady and her blue towel.

But it wasn’t all trials and accusations of towel theft for Pettifleur, who allowed herself to open up to her campmates and show a more vulnerable side to herself throughout her time in the jungle.

Pettifleur’s time in the jungle was in support of Beyond Blue, an organisation that supports anyone in Australia who may be struggling with mental health. You can find out more about Pettifleur’s charity and the charities of all the celebs here.

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