A R-Eel Close Call Sends A Fourth Celeb Packing

A third celebrity has been spectacularly ejected from the jungle.

With the celebs facing elimination every night this week, it was Alli Simpson who became the third celebrity to be massively ejected out of the so-called Aussie jungle and into a swamp on Monday night.

In the two-round style the celebs are now accustomed to, each of them had to estimate 489 centimeters of toilet paper with the three furthest from the correct amount of loo roll ending in the bottom three.

Heading into the bottom three alongside Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico and Colin Fassnidge, Alli once again came face-to-face with having to count mystery critters in a hellhole box.

Without seeing what was inside, Alli had to attempt to guess how many eels were in the box. Sadly, she was the furthest from the correct amount of eels which meant it was time for her to be catapulted into the swampy abyss.

Though she was one of the latest arrivals in camp, Alli quickly became part of the family. Though she roughed it with her first solo trial, the pocket-rocket turned out to be a firework in challenges, facing some of her worst fears in a seriously tough trial she and Colin endured the week prior.

“The trials were so much fun, as scary as they were,” Alli told Chris and Julia after she had left the jungle.

“The feeling that I got after them was just like elation… just so pumped and it’s almost given me this new sense of like, if I can get over that and draw strength from my fears in this then I can hopefully put that towards other things in my life,” Alli continued.

Having spent several weeks in the so-called Aussie jungle, Alli said the tough part of the whole experience was being away from her friends and family.

“But I honestly wouldn’t change this experience for the world, it’s been like some crazy dream I’ve been in for the last couple of weeks,” she added.

Alli’s time in the jungle was in support of the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth which offers temporary housing and support for young people experiencing homelessness. After appearing on the TV series Filthy Rich and Homeless, Alli saw firsthand what many young Australians must face as a reality.

“I slept on the street for ten days and was just exposed to the world of youth homelessness and how terrible it is,” she explained. “How many youths are left homeless, no family, no friends, no food, no money, no schooling.”

You can read more about the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth as well as all the other charities the celebs are supporting here.

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