A Fourth Celebrity Has Been Ejected From The Jungle

As quickly as he came in, one celebrity has been flung from the so-called Aussie jungle.

Though he was one of the most recent additions to the camp, Symon Lovett’s time in the jungle came to a crashing halt thanks to a supermarket sweep and some pesky scorpions.

The former Gogglebox star was sat alongside his mate and podcast co-host Adam Densten and comedian Ash Williams in the bottom three on Tuesday night where they had to attempt to guess how many scorpions were in a box without seeing inside.

Not only that, but before they put their hands in the hellhole box, they had no idea what nasty surprises were waiting for them.

WIth a few bites taken out of his hands, Adam unfortunately was the furthest from the correct guess and was the latest celeb to be spectacularly ejected into the swamp of sadness.

Though his time in the jungle was short but sweet Adam was still able to contribute to the world record this season’s celebs broke, having won the maximum amount of stars in every eating trial.

Coming into the camp as the final two intruders, Adam and Symon had the difficult task of trying to penetrate the family bubble the celebs had created.

“We came in late and this group are so tight-knit that it’s hard to get into that inner-circle,” he told Chris and Julia after exiting the jungle.

“We just walked in and we only brought seven stars! But then today it all kind of clicked together, I did a trial with Grant and Dipper. It was like okay, we’re settled and you’re in… and now I’m out.”

Leaving Adam behind to survive another day (at least) in the jungle, Symon said he hoped his mate would be alright without his other half… just not TOO okay.

“I think he'll be alright. He’ll be flat… or not!” He said, laughing. “Geez, it’ll be a shock if he’s not. He’s just strutting around, he’s like ‘Oh I’m a free bird now!’”

Symon’s time in the jungle was in support of November, an organisation that focuses on men’s health with a particular focus on testicular cancer, prostate cancer, suicide prevention, and men’s mental health.

Sporting a mo throughout his time in the jungle, Adam explained to Chris and Julia that Movember’s aim “is to get all men to an old, healthy age”.

You can find out more about Movember and the charities the other celebs are supporting here.

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