10 Times The Celebs Had Some Big Aussie Fun In The Jungle

For the first time, the cast of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here have been roughing it in our very own Aussie jungle.

And even though they’ve been roughing it and being put through their paces, they’ve definitely been making the most of it. From thrills to many, many spills the celebs have been keeping each other's spirits up with some wild and wonderful moments.

They’re having so much fun we kinda wish no one had to go home and everyone could win? Is that allowed?

Here are some of our favourite moments of the celebs having some Big Aussie Fun so far.

1. Jack Vidgen leaping into a river to save Paulini

The first three celebs to arrive this year, Jack Vidgen, Paulini, and Jess Eva, were given the task of parachuting out of a helicopter at 14,000ft and landing in the middle of a lake. When Paulini admitted she couldn’t swim, it was Jack to the rescue as he launched himself into the lake to give her a helping hand.

2. Every time Travis Varcoe flosses

We don’t know when it became a thing, but the ol’ floss seems to have become the victory dance of the season. Well we say ‘floss’ because we think that’s what’s going on here.

3. Jess Eva stacking it

Jess is hysterical, has an enormous heart and is constantly, CONSTANTLY falling into the bushes. We don’t know why, but it makes us laugh every single time.

4. Dipper’s top-secret mission

In an attempt to win a few herbs and spices for the camp Dipper had to surreptitiously put a little make-up on and wear it around camp without anyone watching. While he was successful with a bit of lippy and some eyeshadow, unfortunately applying blush with a paint roller seemed to be Dipper’s undoing as he was called out before he had even put a foot in the camp.

5. And his new vocabulary

While becoming a beauty blogger may not be on the cards, time in camp has given Dipper a rich education on everything he needs to know about the online world. From learning how to properly ‘side into the DMs’ to his sassy new catchphrase, we can’t wait to see Dip on Tik Tok any day now.

6. Grant Denyer trying to sneak around camp in giant, squeaky shoes

The celebs will do anything for a treat, including get dressed up like a mouse, wear enormous squeaky shoes and attempt to eat a cheese plate in the middle of the night without waking up their campmates. And that’s exactly what Grant did, and it was maybe the funniest thing we’ve ever seen?

7. Abbie Chatfield’s boyfriend pillow Pete

When luxury items from home arrive it can often be an emotional time for some of the celebs. Photos or notes from home are always a good choice, as are games and inflatable toys for the billabong near camp. But Abbie Chatfield decided to bring along her boyfriend pillow, affectionately known as Pete.

While it initially appeared that Abbie wanted a one-armed pillow she could cuddle, it later turned out that Pete’s insides were packed full of contraband she shared with the camp. And she did it so subtly, you could barely even tell…

8. The wild and wacky late arrivals

Dipper, Pettifleur, and Colin all arrived a little later than the rest of the celebs, but boy did they arrive in style. But hey, what better way to be introduced to your new campmates than being abducted by a giant, psychotic chicken?

9. Chris and Julia every time they watch an eating trial

Trials are never easy and a lot of them don’t look like any fun… unless of course you’re our esteemed hosts. But Dr Chris and Lady Julia seem to have the most fun while watching our celebs chow down on some truly terrible treats. And if we’re being honest, we’re laughing along right there with them.

10. The  Spin Cycle trial

For their very last trial, the celebs got to have some Big Aussie Fun. With no creepy crawlies or yucky foods to be found, each celeb took a turn to be spun around a hills hoist, launching themselves at a corresponding number. Honestly, the only downside to this trial was that we couldn’t have a go!

With Dr Chris lending a hand, the celebs got to celebrate their final day in camp with some Big Aussie Fun and a big Aussie BBQ.

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