8 Reasons Why Africa Is Actually Super Terrifying

Their identities are secret (for now) but there's one thing we do know about this season’s celebs: they’re in for a tough old time in the African jungle.

Just how scary is the African jungle, you ask? We did some research and can categorically confirm that it is actually super terrifying. Here are 8 reasons why the celebs should be worried.

8. Hippos

These seemingly cute semi-aquatic mammals are highly aggressive and unpredictable, and are ranked among the most dangerous beasts in the whole of Africa.

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7. Wildebeest

Not to be underestimated, these beasties can exceed 80 km/h and are strong enough to take down a lion.

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6. Elephants

Towering up to 4 metres high and weighing more than 7 tonnes, these enormous creatures are the largest living land animals. They have no trouble destroying everything in their path as our season 1 celebs found out first hand.

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5. Baboon Spiders (AKA tarantulas)

Severe pain, vomiting and dizziness are what you can expect from a baboon spider bite. Why Dr Chris has one on his face, we do not know. At up to three inches in length these critters love to burrow in dry, grassy places like campsites...

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4. Snakes

They're slithery, slimy and often highly poisonous. The end.

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3. Leopards

These carnivores like to dine with a view and are often spotted hauling their lunch (usually an entire antelope) up a tree.

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2. Cheetahs

These speed demons can accelerate from 0 to 96 km/h in three seconds - four times as fast as a human. They're like sports cars, but with claws. And teeth. Best keep a distance, eh boys?

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1. Lions. (Duh.)

They’re the king of the jungle for a reason. These overgrown kitties can exceed 250kg and are known to intentionally seek out human prey. In this case kids, Simba is not your friend.

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