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Hunted - S1 Ep. 9
PG | Reality

Air Date: Tue 2 Aug 2022

In the thrilling series finale, find out who will reign supreme as the last remaining Fugitives race to the extraction point after 21 days on the run from Hunters, to share in $100,000 in prize money!

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About the Show

Hunted is Australia’s real-life game of cat and mouse.

This fly-on-the-wall series follows nine teams of Fugitives who go on the run from a team of expert Hunters. They must stay on the move and attempt to throw the Hunters off their scent. The Fugitives can run anywhere in Victoria and how they evade capture, is up to them. Can they disappear without a trace?

The Fugitives are released on to the streets of Melbourne’s CBD with an overnight bag and five hundred dollars. They must be cunning and resourceful, some will seek help from friends, family and complete strangers. Where will they hide? Who can they trust?

Trying to track their every move is the team at Hunted HQ - an elite team of investigators with backgrounds in the Australian Federal Police, Defence Force and British Intelligence. Their reputations are on the line. Leading them is The Chief, Former Detective Superintendent David Craig, an internationally recognised expert in surveillance and covert operations.

Also pursuing the Fugitives are the Ground Hunters, strategically placed around Victoria, all with extensive military and police backgrounds.

If the Fugitives can evade capture for 21 days, they will win a share of $100,000.

Filmed entirely in Melbourne and greater regional Victoria, our cunning fugitives will need to be at the top of their game to evade capture from the ground hunters and the Hunted HQ team.