Why An Accidental Capture Was Sonny-Joe And Grace's Best Possible End To Their Hunted Journey

Having left a trail of red herrings to bamboozle the Hunters, Sonny-Joe and Grace never expected to be captured with their pants down.

With a string of phone calls leading the Hunters to the opposite side of the state and a handful of poorly deleted emails, Sonny-Joe and Grace had managed to disappear off the Hunters' radar almost completely.

But they were also completely unaware that fellow Fugitives Jake and Rob had not only also landed in Ballarat, but had left a taunt for the Hunters which clearly spelled out their location.

As Jake and Rob slipped through their fingers, the Hunters quite literally stumbled upon Sonny-Joe and Grace standing outside a train station, changing into disguises. Despite being caught almost completely by accident, Sonny-Joe and Grace didn't see the end to their Hunted run as bittersweet.

"We look at it as just sweet," Grace told 10 play, "what we cared about was what was in our control, and what was in our control was how we acted, what we did. All we could have done, in reality, is more cardio to run faster and get away."

Sonny-Joe was quick to correct the record, "But we did Jane Fonda aerobics in quarantine before."

"Leg lifts aren't that helpful when you're on the run," Grace conceded.

But when it came to how they were ultimately captured, the pair saw it as a win more than anything.

"We look at it like it's a compliment," Grace continued. "Doing your job 'by accident' isn't really doing your job."

Sonny-Joe agreed, adding, "These are professionals meant to be hunting [but] we were going so well and they 'found us'. We should be called Founded, not Hunted. Techincally they didn't hunt us."

"Stumbled across," Grace wryly chimed in.

As the Ground Hunters approached the pair, they attempted a getaway on foot, but Grace said - aside from their lack of cardio practice prior to going on the run - their other huge obstacle was their backpacks.

"We're not backpackers, we're suitcase people," she said, laughing. "Us trying to handle that thing, like 15 kilos, we were really dramatic.

"If we could do it again, that's one thing we would do. Take the Samsonite," Grace joked.

Their packs weren't just heavy, the pair admitted that 75 percent of their luggage was made up of their many disguises. From a priest and a nun to tradies, the pair brought elaborate outfits, and made sure not to skimp on the details. Leaving Ballarat, Sonny-Joe said they next wanted to debut their looks as "Bruce and Meryl", and older couple.

"I looked like Prue from Great British Bake Off," Grace added. "I had the long tunic, chunky jewellery, slacks. That was the biggest sadness of the show... could have won the Logie for that."

Througout the experience, as other teams battled paranoia, scrambled through streets and nursed injuries, Sonny-Joe and Grace were hosting raves in parks, walking random dogs and seemingly having the best little vacay.

Before going on the run, the friends also went to great lengths to leave a trail of breadcrumbs in the opposite direction they would be heading. The Hunters also uncovered a handful of emails the pair had sent to each other outlining their plans - emails that turned out to all be decoys.

"All our emails we sent to each other we deleted, but we left in the deleted box because, I think we both thought we were the underdogs," Grace explained. "We both thought the Hunters would think we're both stupid.

"We definitely thought, 'How can we make ourselves look as stupid as possible?' Because they're going to think, this pair love karaoke and margaritas, this will be a piece of cake. We played up that stereotype."

Sonny-Joe said they had also gone onto the Maps app, placing 'favourites' on random locations around Victoria in the hopes that the Hunters would similarly believe they had forgotten to remove that from their history.

Though their time on the run came to an unceremonious end, with Sonny-Joe flashing what he described as his "Bridget Jones's Diary undies" to the people of Ballarat, the stresses of being Hunted made them even closer as friends.

"Everything was new for us," he said. "That was us doing tenting - sorry, camping - for the first time. Took us two and a half hours to put the tent up, but we loved it.

"It was like learning how to change a tyre for the first time... which we also don't know how to do, because we've got NRMA," he added, laughing.

"And we don't have our licenses," Grace added.

Looking back at their time on the run, Grace said their capture was "the best way we could have imagined going out", aside from winning of course.

"I think we're both really proud of what we did, and also that is so our personality, to go out just on bad luck, it's just so us. Pants down, wigs off, barefoot. It's just messy, and it's just us."

Sonny-Joe continued, "It might come off crazy - we probably are crazy - but everything you're seeing, that's our personality. It also showed our decoys and how they worked.

"I'm glad it portrayed that because everyone thought we were the dumb ones just cruising with a dog and having a light rave. That was us, but we were also smart. We're really happy with the outcome."

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