19 Hilarious Tweets About Hunted That Captured Our Hearts

While several teams of Fugitives are still on the run, we collected some of our favourite tweets that would even have HQ smiling.

When nine teams of two exploded onto Melbourne's CBD, hoping to evade capture for 21 days in the hopes of winning their share of $100,000, there was only one team keeping a close eye on absolutely everything happening.

Nope, we're not talking about HQ, we're talking about Twitter. With the close-calls, iconic disguises and tense captures, Twitter has been there at every turn with a joke or observation that would have even the most serious Ground Hunter stopping mid-chase for a laugh.

This social media sleuth's dilemma:

This genius DIY strategy we hope to see in the future:

This admission we couldn't help but relate to:

This slight hiccup in some of the Fugitives' approaches to getting help from strangers:

And what it must have looked like from the strangers' perspective:

This extremely Melbourne problem:

This sympathy for Angie's early-run injury:

As well as the sympathy for the poor Hunter who accidentally gave away their lead:

This mum who should be in HQ next season:

This celebration of Stathi's incredible nonna disguise:

And this realisation of the subtle flaw in his plan:

This minor difference in the UK and the Aussie versions of the show:

This stone-cold fact we can all agree on:

And this caffeine-fuelled plan to wrap up the Hunting early:

The national outrage when Graeme the bus-driver dobbed in Karen and Brittany: really, people were mad...

...and are expecting revenge!

This glimpse into what we can expect from future Fugitives:

And this glimpse into what we can expect from future Hunters:

Hunted Australia continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play on demand