The Problem That Has Stuck With Hughesy For Three Years

The host of Hughesy, We Have A Problem reveals the one problem that has quite literally stuck with him for years.

While you might think that Dave Hughes gets a load of people coming up to him and offloading their problems on the street, most people are more interested in a quick heckle.

“They don’t ever seem to have a problem, they just shout, ‘Hughesy We Have A Problem’ and I go alright, what is it? And they go, ‘Ah no, just kidding’ and they move on.”

As the show returns for new season Hughesy will be joined each week by comedians Nazeem Hussain and Becky Lucas. The trio will be joined by guest panelists as well as some familiar faces begging for help with their problems.

“[It’s] great to be back in the studio,” Hughesy told 10 play over the phone. “We didn’t have to put perspex screens between us, which was great. We all got rapid tests before the show and we were all negative so we were able to hang out as a panel without worrying about social distancing.”

On Monday, Hughesy, Becky, and Nazeem are joined by Kate Langbroek and Ross Noble, solving some problems across the globe from the likes of Gary Busey, Tiger King’s Carole Baskin and influencer and former Love Island star Vanessa Sierra.

“Gary Busey… he’s got a problem with his parakeet attacking him,” Hughesy teased. “His parakeet is like a professional, it attacked him on cue. We’re talking to Gary Busey, the Hollywood actor, while his parakeet is pecking his face to death.

“That was an image you won’t ever be able to unsee,” the comedian added.

Over the course of the series, Hughesy and his very funny mates have had to offer up solutions to quite a few interesting conundrums, but one woman’s struggle ended up actually changing Hughesy’s life more than her own.

“She came on the show and said where she lived wouldn't let her have a pet. That was her problem, the building manager wouldn’t let them have a pet, so we got the building manager on the show he relented and said yes,” Hughesy explained.

“Then we brought out a rescue dog for her to take home and it was a great TV moment,” he continued.

The dog, Bubbles, was a bit overwhelmed with the lights and cameras of the show so Hughesy had to hold her tight and keep her safe and calm.

“My wife was watching the show, she’s a cynic, and she said, ‘Did that woman actually adopt that dog?’ I was like… probably. It looks like she has.”

Unconvinced, Hughesy’s wife got him to ring one of the producers of the show who informed him that the woman hadn’t actually adopted Bubbles.

“My wife said, ‘Well… we’re adopting that dog.’ So now we have Bubbles, and we’ve had Bubbles for the last three years and she’ll be with us for the next 20, I think.

“Along with buying a house on The Block and adopting Bubbles from my own TV show means I’m committed to television,” Hughesy added.

With his habit of picking up things from TV shows, Hughesy wondered what he might commit to next, perhaps taking home a souvenir from The Masked Singer Australia.

“I’ll probably try to move in with Jimmy Barnes or something,” he joked.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem returns Monday, 8 February at 8.30pm on 10 and 10 play