Becky Lucas Reveals The Best Unsolicited Advice A Clown Ever Gave Her

Joining the Hughesy, We Have A Problem panel is a gig that comedian Becky Lucas has been unintentionally training for.

“I love solving other people’s problems,” Becky told 10 play. “It’s so exciting because I have a lot of problems myself so I like to ignore those and focus on other people.

“I can never follow my own therapist’s advice, but I can pass it onto others,” she added. “My therapist mentioned something about this! Something I will never accept in my own life but you can have it.”

Having performed stand-up across the world, Becky made her US television debut on Conan O’Brien’s talkshow — making her the first female Aussie comic to do a spot on Conan’s late night show.

Recently she’s been working on her debut novel, Acknowledgements, which comes out later this year which she said was, “I guess a memoir”.

“I loath to use that word because it’s like… who cares? I’m not trained in anything so I can’t write about anything except myself.”

A handful of acknowledgements and thank yous to people who many not want to be thanked, the experience of writing the book was a stark contrast to the “pretty self-indulgent pursuit” of stand-up comedy.

“I was super aware of like, is this actually interesting or am I just in love with myself? I think it’s a really fun read, like I tried not to be too self-indulgent,” she said, laughing.

Becky and fellow comedian Nazeem Hussain have both appeared on Hughesy, We Have A Problem as guests, but this year the pair will appear each week as a panel to assist special guests and audience members with their various problems.

“For me, life is a series of problems until I go to sleep,” Becky said.

“Life is one large problem I’m constantly trying to navigate and I reckon a lot of people feel that. Everyone’s got some issue that they’re thinking about.”

When asked who she thought gave the best advice out of her and Nazeem, Becky didn’t hesitate to say, “I’m there to fact-check Nazeem’s advice”.

“Naz is the funniest choice to be on this show because he has the most problems of anyone I know,” she added.

“One time I was in a car with him, we were driving to a gig, and he missed a turnoff three times. He missed the exit three times! The first time we were like ha ha ha. Second time I was like… okay. Third time? I was like this is psycho.

“But it’s always like that with Naz. It’s just constant problems so I think it’s hilarious he’s on the show. I can’t wait.”

While she’ll be doling out the advice to those needing help, Becky said sometimes unsolicited advice can be even more beneficial than when you ask for it.

“One time when I was younger my mum’s friend who, it’s crazy, used to dress up like a clown so… red flag.

“He was a musician and I wanted to join in so he gave me a tambourine and after the song he was like, ‘You were playing that tambourine too loud. You were showing off… in the future, until you know how to do something well you should just be a bit quiet about it.’”

Becky said at the time the encounter was “mortifying” but upon reflection, the clown musician had given her some amazing advice.

“It’s so true! Until you know what you’re talking about, pipe down! It did stick with me but also he’s a clown, like… your life choices have lead you to be a clown. What’s a gal to do?”

She went on to wonder if annoying people exist simply because their parents “just forgot to tell you something”, and the clown’s advice was actually a blessing in a clown disguise.

“I like all my advice delivered to me via a clown… which is kind of what the show is!”

Hughesy, We Have A Problem returns Monday, 8 February at 8.30pm on 10 and 10 play