Gorgi Coghlan's Surprise Cameo In 'How To Stay Married'

The Project host and performer put a unique spin on a classic for the latest episode of the Aussie comedy.

In the second episode of Season 3, the Butler household is dealing with something any parent can relate to; a restless child.

As Em's attempting to pitch a new book to her boss Audry, Greg is at home battling Chloe to get a good night's sleep.

Opening the episode, during a montage of Greg being kept awake by Chloe's wriggling, writhing and refusal to count sheep, is a cover of the song "Beautiful Dreamer".

If the voice behind the cover sounded familiar it's because it's that of The Project host, Gorgi Coghlan.

When her Project co-host and How to Stay Married creator, writer, director and star Peter Helliar approached her to perform the track, Gorgi couldn't resist.

Taking the classic song and giving it a rock twist, Gorgi's version perfectly pairs with the pains of trying to get a good night's sleep when your little one has other ideas.

"I love singing standards and there’s always a tendency (and pressure) to sing it traditionally to respect the history of the song. So this was an exciting challenge, to turn it on its head and do something really creative and unique," Gorgi told 10 play.

While the team had a clear idea of what they wanted with the structure of the song, Gorgi had all the freedom when it came to vocals.

"I loved that challenge. I watched the scene and had a great sense of what Greg was feeling and channelled that in the vocal booth," she said.

"It was empowering and fun to get my ‘rock voice’ out again and then switch back to my classical voice. I’d say it’s one of the most creative and fun singing gigs I’ve been asked to do."

Audiences got a chance to see just how powerful Gorgi's rock voice can be during her time on the first season of The Masked Singer Australia where she competed as the lovable furry Monster.

As his ongoing feud with the President of the school's committee escalates and an exhausted Chloe can only be roused by bribes and lollies, Greg's sleep deprivation starts to feel like an insurmountable problem.

"Every parent has been there," Gorgi said. "Those long nights when you’re craving a good night’s sleep but your kids have other plans. Strangely they are also quite precious... it’s moments like this when we reflect on how all-consuming but precious this parenting gig is.

"I think everyone watching this episode will laugh and completely relate to Greg!"

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