Terry's Talks Ep 8: Value What You Have
M | Comedy

Terry's intern has left to start her own - more successful - vlog. Can Terry learn to value what he has?

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How To Stay Married is an eight-part comedy series about staying together when romance has made way for routine and the everchanging nature of family life continually throws curve balls into the mix. It’s a refreshing and heart-warming look at the problems that can befall even the best marriage, blending the daily challenges with the hilarious minutiae of domestic life.

Six months on from the events of Season One, the Butler family have adjusted to their new norm, with Em (Lisa McCune) working in publishing full time and Greg (Pete Helliar) relishing life as stay-at-home dad. But there’s little time for Greg and Em to rest on their laurels, or even share a quick glass of wine or cuddle on the couch. 14 year old daughter Sophie (WIllow Ryan-Fuller) is morphing into a lovely and sometimes moody teen, while 7 year old Chloe (Vivien Turner) is obsessed with sharks, pirates and her pet turtle Hannibal. Greg’s live-in brother Brad (Phil Lloyd) has fallen for his Russian flame Nadia, whilst Em still dreams of writing a novel and Greg thinks a family holiday will provide the perfect antidote to all their stress. Can Greg and Em make those dreams a reality?