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About the Podcast

Join builder, developer, entrepreneur and host of The Living Room, Barry Du Bois, on lifestyle podcast Hammer It Home.

Barry will chat to interesting people from all walks of life (including a few friends  from the telly) about modern living. Learn about design innovations, gadgets, sustainability and how to improve your home from the inside out.

Barry Du Bois

Barry Du Bois

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7th Apr 2021

6. Where to from here?

Taking the sustainable path

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5th Apr 2021

5. Building the foundations for a better future

Is it a material world?

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24th Mar 2021

4. Unpacking the corporate perspective

The business of climate change

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17th Mar 2021

3. If we could talk to the animals

Always smile at a crocodile

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10th Mar 2021

2. Why do we do the things we do?

Can we think outside the (recyclable) box?

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3rd Mar 2021

1. What Is Carbon?

The journey starts here

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24th Feb 2021

Barry’s back!

Join him on a journey to a more sustainable future

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Perez Hilton

Barry talks to Perez about his time in the jungle

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7th Nov 2019

Derek Rielly

Barry Du Bois chats to Derek Rielly - the man who helped write his book ‘Life Force’

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24th Oct 2019

Guided Meditation

Barry Du Bois invites Tom Cronin to do a quick 5-minute guided meditation.

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17th Oct 2019

The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness

Barry Du Bois talks to Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer about mindfulness

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3rd Oct 2019

Tania Soulos

Barry Du Bois interviews Tania Soulos.

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26th Sep 2019

Amanda Keller

Barry Du Bois chats to 'The Living Room' co-host Amanda Keller.

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19th Sep 2019

Kate Peck

Barry Du Bois interviews Kate Peck.

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12th Sep 2019

Sam ‘Mac’ McMillan

Barry Du Bois sits down for a chat with Sam Mac.

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29th Aug 2019

Miguel Maestre

Barry Du Bois chats with Miguel Maestre over lunch at South Melbourne Market.

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22nd Aug 2019

Interviewing Your Kids

Barry Du Bois interviews his kids about their lives

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15th Aug 2019

Declutter Your House, Declutter Your Mind

Peter Walsh is a decluttering gury and will help you clear your house.

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8th Aug 2019

Home Renovations for Beginners

Barry talks to social media influencer, Poppy Lee, about her recent DIY home improvements.

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1st Aug 2019

How to Become a Homeshare Mogul

Barry Du Bois chats to expert Monique Eyles and photographer Steven Chee.

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25th Jul 2019

Green Thumb, Green Home

Barry Du Bois chats to celebrity landscaper Matt Leacy and designer Isaac Tyson.

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21st Jul 2019

Pets, Apartments and Penguins with Dr Chris Brown

Barry Du Bois chats with good friend Dr Chris Brown.