About the Show

Gold Coast Cops is a 10-part observational documentary series that follows the work of the Gold Coast’s hand-picked police taskforce known as the Rapid Action and Patrols group.

Originally formed as Taskforce Takeback in response to the infamous Broadbeach bikie brawl in September 2013, the group has since morphed into RAP and tackles everything from street violence to outlaw motorcycle gangs and serious organised crime. The 100-strong taskforce is made up of the best in the business and works in conjunction with every police unit in the Gold Coast district.

The RAP team are a mobile unit, equipped with the latest technology to allow them to stay out on the road and respond to the highest priority calls. This physically fit, highly-trained team has given camera crews exclusive and unprecedented access to the work they do every day, keeping the streets of Australia’s number one holiday destination safe.

Each episode of the series follows RAP teams as they head out on both regular patrols and planned operations from their exclusive location in the heart of the beautiful Gold Coast. These operations can involve anything from investigating robbery, to assaults, drug busts, return to jail warrants, liquor licensing, steroid use and stolen property.

Viewers will also follow many of the taskforce’s other units who work to maintain safety on the streets of the strip. Between the water police, the air unit, the rapid response teams and those patrolling the strip’s popular nightclub precinct in Surfers Paradise, there is never a slow day for these specialised officers.

As the series progresses, viewers get to know a core cast of a dozen male and female officers who make up some of the RAP’s eight squads, led by Superintendent Commander Jim Keogh.

With up to 10 members in each team cruising the streets, the daily dynamics that make these teams the best of the best are revealed. Combining non-stop action with fascinating real life characters, intriguing crime stories and stunning locations, the series offers a compelling insight into Australia’s famous Gold Coast and the hard-working elite team of police officers dedicated to protecting it.