Party Like a Goggleboxer: Tom's Best Cocktails

Gogglebox is over for the year. That great meta-observational comedy that gave us laughs, tears, and a parade of colourful cocktails prepared by Tom.

With summer holidays just round the corner, there’s no better way to commemorate a successful second season by swilling together some of Tom’s concoctions. Here’s a list of our favourites (and remember: drink responsibly)...

gogglebox tom's cocktails

EP 2: Manhattan

Ingredients: 60 ml rye whiskey (or bourbon), 30 ml sweet vermouth, cherry for garnishMethod: Stir in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and drop in a single cherry.

gogglebox tom's cocktails

Ep 3: Snowball

Ingredients: 45 ml advocaat, 90 ml lemonade, strawberry for garnishMethod: Pour advocaat into a large wine glass, then slowly add lemonade while stirring. Float the strawberry in the glass and serve with straws.

gogglebox tom's cocktails

Ep 4: Whiskey sour

Ingredients: 60ml bourbon or rye whiskey, 20 ml lemon juice, 1 teaspoon castor sugar, spiral of lemon peel for garnishMethod: Shake liquid ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon peel if desired.

gogglebox tom's cocktails

Ep 6: Bloody Mary

Ingredients: 45 ml vodka, 90 ml tomato juice, juice of ½ lemon, few dashes each of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces, salt and freshly ground black pepper, slice of lemon and a celery stalk for garnishMethod: Mix vodka and juices with ice and stir well. Strain into tall chilled glass and add fresh ice. Season with salt and pepper if desired. Float the lemon slice in the glass and serve with a crisp celery stalk to use as a swizzle stick.

gogglebox tom's cocktails

Ep 6: Mango Daiquiri

Ingredients: 45 ml white rum, 20 ml lime liqueur, 45 ml frozen mango nectar, strawberry for garnish.Method: Blend ingredients with ice until just blended. Pile into cocktail glass or champagne saucer and garnish with strawberry.

gogglebox tom's cocktails

Ep 7: Singapore Sling

Ingredients: 45 ml gin, 10 ml cherry brandy, 15 ml lemon juice, 1 teaspoonc astor sugar, soda water, slice of lemon for garnish.Method: Shake gin, brandy, juice and sugar well with ice. Strain into a tall glass, add an ice cube and top with soda water. Twist the lemon slice, skewer with a toothpick and then balance on the glass.