Meet The New Gogglebox Household

A brand new household will be inviting you into their lounge when Gogglebox returns for season six, 8.30 Thursday 5 October on TEN.

Australia loves its Googleboxers, and this season three new faces will be joining the viewing party. Introducing engaged couple Matty and Sarah Marie and their friend Jad - three big personalities who’ll be bringing some “Middle-Eastern flavour” to this season’s telly-addicted entertainment.

Sarah-Marie is the down-to-earth girl next door and owner of a makeup and hair agency. Entrepreneur and café owner Jad is the larrikin of the group, and Marketing and Communications Director Matty is the responsible one, having the final call on most things, including what’s on the box.

Although having differing tastes in television – Matty lives and breathes sports, Sarah Marie loves her cartoons, and Jad is a fan of cooking shows – the three love sitting down to watch a movie together, so long as there is food involved. Of course, it wouldn’t be Gogglebox without your old favourites, so fear not: Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye; cocktail-loving Wayne and Tom; the adorable and sports-crazy Jackson Family; the fun-loving and cricket-mad Delpechitra Family; vivacious friends Angie and Yvie; best mates and larrikins with a thirst for life Adam and Symon; dealers in Indigenous Art Mick and Di; the close-knit Dalton Family; happily married couple Lee and Keith; and the three generations of women in the Silbery Family will all be back for more observational mirth.

Gogglebox season six premieres 8.30 Thursday 5 October on TEN