Goggleboxers Say The Funniest Things

As Gogglebox prepares to switch off for another season, we pick the moments that truly made us fall off the sofa in mirth.

Episode 1

"She’s just not right, actually neither is his chin, it looks like a ledge.”

Kate is no fan of Bachelor Richie’s angular features.

Episode 2

Angie: “What sort of a diabetic comes on to a sweet cooking show?”

Symon: “It’s like a Jim’s mow-man having hayfever.” 

Zumbo’s Just Desserts could be hazardous to your health.

Episode 3

Di: “What. What are these people?” Keith: “And who are the little blokes, the GLOPA-GLUMPAS or whatever they’re called?” Lee: “OOMPA LOOMPAS.” Keith: “OOM-PA-LOOM-PAS. How come I can’t say it? OOMPA.” Lee: “OOMPA LOOMPAS!” Keith: “LOMBA.” Lee: “OOMPA.” Keith: “That’s the first word.” Lee: “OOMPA LOOMPAS.” Keith: “OPA LOPAS. OOMPA.” Lee: “OOMPA LOOMPA! AHHH jeez I feel like I’m going nuts!”

Willy Wonka’s little helpers defy pronunciation as well as comprehension.


Episode 4

“Anyone would think they’re at a Greek BBQ. Except there are no knifes.”

Married At First Sight strikes a Greek chord with Anastasia.

Episode 5

Zina and Vivian: “WHAT?!” The Silberys: “AHHH.” Anastasia and Faye: “AWWWW NOOOOOOOO” Adam and Symon: “AWWW NO” Adam: (Flips coffee table) Symon: (Curls up in ball) “Turn off the TV.” Anastasia: “IDIOT! Big big mistake. Huge mistake. Like, life huge mistake.” Wayne: “Could you do that to someone?” Tom: “No.”

The Goggleboxers have a thing or two to say about the Bachelor’s final choice.

Episode 6

Kate: “Wouldn’t he just be on Facebook?” Yvie: “Jono Bailey... (raises phone) found him. Look I found him.” Adam: “John Ba-il-ey, done found him.” 

Find My First Love was obviously looking in the wrong places.


Episode 7

Matt: “There’s the alliance, and the other alliance were just forming to smash the alliance.”The Daltons struggle to decipher where Australian Survivor loyalties lie.

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