Get To Know The Hilariously Outspoken Goggleboxers, Anastasia & Faye

They're loud. They're proud. They'll tell you exactly what they think!

We’re now up to Season 13 of Gogglebox, and you’ve been here since the beginning! What has been the driving factor in getting you to sign on again?

FAYE: My biggest driving factor would be it’s a time to relax with my buddy on the couch from my busy working life, and catch up on TV. I don’t watch TV any other time, plus I also get to see lots of new shows before they’re out on Foxtel.

ANASTASIA :  The fact that we have a show that makes so many people happy.  If someone has had a hard day, they tune in to watch us and it makes their day that makes me happy.

You’ve watched a LOT of T.V in your time. Can you remember any show or scene that has left a lasting impression on you?

FAYE: Yes, definitely - Game of Thrones. As soon as I watched Episode 1, I left Anastasia’s home and drove directly to the first JB HiFi store and bought the whole box set that was available at the time, and watched most of it for the whole weekend. Loved, loved, loved it! I wanted to be in the cast and be the older sister of the dragon mother.

ANASTASIA: The shows we have watched with people with disabilities.  It has opened up my eyes to how courageous and brave they are.

What TV show from the past would you love to see back on screens?

FAYE: Friends and The Big Bang Theory – would love to see them all again.

ANASTASIA:  Two and a Half Men and Wentworth.

Other than bingeing hours of telly, what was another skill you picked up during lockdown?

FAYE: How to keep me, myself and I occupied and not argue! I was excited when the phone rang and I spoke to the outside world. I spoke to sales people on the phone as if they were close friends and family.

ANASTASIA:  I have improved my cooking and domestic skills, and I find I am more chilled now.

What’s something that you really want to watch but haven’t gotten around to yet?

FAYE: A whole stack of movies and documentaries that I’ve been recording on Foxtel. I save them for when I cannot sleep or early Sunday mornings.

ANASTASIA:  There are too many to say! A few docos, crime stories and movies.

Has participating in Gogglebox opened your eyes to a bunch of shows/genres that you might not have normally watched?

FAYE: Oh yes, definitely. I continue watching series that I would never have watched eg. Game of Thrones, Botched, MAFS and docos with David Attenborough.

ANASTASIA:  Yes, for sure! Cooking shows from around the world, and stories about people with disabilities.

The world has changed drastically over the past year. What are your hopes for 2021? 

FAYE: For everyone to stay safe and healthy and be kind to each other.

ANASTASIA:  FOR WORLD PEACE!  Lol, I'm joking. The same answer as Faye.

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