Get To Know Roommates and BFF's, Chantel and Kaday, From Gogglebox

They've only been part of the Gogglebox family for a couple of years, but roommates and besties Chantel and Kaday have cemented themselves as hilarious, outspoken couch critics

You’ve watched a LOT of T.V in your time. Can you remember any show or scene that has left a lasting impression on you?

The Social Dilemma. As millennials, it impacted us by explaining how addictive (social media) can be and the repercussions it can have on ones mental health. As we both work in the mental health field, this message resonated with us by heightening the negative impacts obsessive social media use can have. 

What TV show from the past would you love to see back on screens?

We would love to see Love on the Spectrum back on our screens. It’s the wholesome content we need to brighten our lives. 

If you could choose anyone to play you in a biopic, who would it be and why?

Kaday: I’ll play myself. I have a strong personality and I find it hard to find someone who can play me. 

Chantel: Rebel Wilson lol. Because she hosts that dog show and I love dogs!

What's the one addictive TV series that you can watch repeatedly?

Kaday: I love Spongebob, which some people find weird lol.

Chantel: Gilmore Girls is my comfort show.

Other than bingeing hours of telly, what was another skill you picked up during lockdown?

Kaday: As a nurse I didn’t have much lockdown time, but when I did I would watch dance tutorials to pick up some new twerking skills. 

Chantel: I spent a lot of time teaching my golden retriever party tricks. Not sure if that’s my skill or my dogs lol.

Has participating in Gogglebox opened your eyes to a bunch of shows/genres that you might not have normally watched?

Yes!! We have been exposed to shows we wouldn’t think of watching. Weird things such as documentaries about people eating bugs, to reality shows we wouldn’t have necessarily chosen but then got hooked, to baking shows. 

The world has changed drastically over the past year. What are your hopes for 2021?

Kaday: Going with the flow and living for the moment.

Chantel: 2020 taught me how unpredictable life can be, so trying to learn to embrace change is my hope for 2021.

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