Get To Know Loveable Power Couple, Lee and Keith, From Gogglebox

Married for 35 years and still going strong, Lee and Keith chat to 10 play ahead of the season 13 premiere.

We’re now up to Season 13 of Gogglebox, and you’ve been here since the beginning! What has been the driving factor in getting you to sign on again?

We've signed on again because we have so much fun doing it and seeing how much enjoyment it brings to others.

You’ve watched a LOT of T.V in your time. Can you remember any show or scene that has left a lasting impression on you?

LEE: it will always be ABC's Luke Warm Sex. The things l saw on that show still make me giggle and blush.

KEITH: l liked the show called Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds. It was heart warming to see how the young kids changed some of the elderly residents thinking, and got them up and about.

What TV show from the past would you love to see back on screens?

LEE: Burgo’s Catch Phrase from 1997. Without a doubt one of my favourite shows to watch.

KEITH: The Graham Kennedy show was fantastic, with Graham & Bert Newton. A laugh a minute, and they always had great Australian talent on.

If you could choose anyone to play you in a biopic, who would it be and why?

LEE: Rebecca Gibney, as she can be a nutter like me sometimes and loves to be around family and friends.

KEITH: Lee reckons Bruce Willis as she has a thing for him, (it) must be because we have the same hairstyle. So, it has to be Bruce.

Other than bingeing hours of telly, what was another skill you picked up during lockdown?

LEE: l learnt how to do Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, & Snapchat. This was the only way we could see our granddaughter and friends. l am off my L’s, but still on red P’s! Lol.

KEITH: Lee has been teaching me how to make lasagna, carbonara, & meatloaf, as these are my favourites.

What’s the one addictive TV series that you can watch repeatedly?

LEE: Blue Bloods. When the first season came out, l was hooked.

KEITH: Has to be Mash. I always get a laugh, (it) doesn’t matter how many times l have watched it.

Has participating in Gogglebox opened your eyes to a bunch of shows/genres that you might not have normally watched?

Yes, especially shows that are on some channel’s that we would not normally watch for example, ABC, SBS, and some doco channels. We have even gotten into Netflix shows.

Catch more of Lee and Keith when Gogglebox returns 8.30 Thursday, February 18 on 10 and 10 play