Gabbing With The Goggleboxers

We put the new Goggleboxers to the telly-test and found the trio brimming with passion and personality. You won’t be able to get enough of (from left to right) Jad, Sarah Marie and Matty

What shows cause heated debate in the household? Whether it’s something you all enjoy watching but have different theories/opinions/beliefs about, or something one of you hates.

Jad: Matty and I love our NRL but Sarah hates it.

Sarah Marie: And I love The Kardashians, but the boys hate it.

Matty: Hate is a strong word, but you will NEVER find me watching The Kardashians. Watching rich girls be brats is not entertaining.

What kind of food do you like to eat in front of the TV?

Matty: We are always eating, it’s in our culture, whether it’s meats, desserts or a raw carrot or cucumber with hommos.

News and current affairs – who do you trust?

Matty: No one. I try not to listen to the news, the last thing I need after a long day of work is relentless sensationalised bad news.

Sarah Marie: Neither to be honest. A lot of the time it either isn’t real news or it’s what will “sell”, and I hate that.

Jad: Is that a trick question? I really don’t trust much unless it’s a live interview or reporting. I guess with the news you have to create your own filter.

Yabbering on throughout a program – who does it most, and who hates it most?

Jad: I hate people asking me too many questions when watching TV.

Sarah Marie: We all hate it! And all do it!

Matty: Sarah asks me questions about the plot of the show, when she hasn’t watched it since season one and we are now at season four.

Rank these adult cartoons from favourite to least favourite, leaving out anything you haven’t seen, but also, feel free to add anything we’ve missed: South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman

Sarah Marie: Yes, yes and YES! I was born for this question!!

1. South Park has to be number one because I’ve been watching every episode since I was in school… EVERY episode. 2. Bobs Burgers are second because I am coincidentally watching it as I answer this question. 3. Rick and Morty because they use the dark humour I’m obsessed with and cant get enough of. 4. American Dad (that alien is life). 5. Family Guy because Stewie Griffin and Mila Kunis. 6. Bojack Horseman. 7. I’m sorry Simpsons lovers but I’m putting them last. I lost interest a while back in that one.

I have to add one though! Archer, the secret alcoholic agent with mummy issues, I’m putting him before The Simpsons and on par with Family Guy.

What kind of shows do you tend to agree on? Can be specific or genre-related.

We all love Narcos. It’s one thing we can agree on!

You’ve heard about a new drama coming out, it seems to have all the elements you look for in a good drama – action, romance, mystery, comedy – you turn it on and discover it’s subtitled; do you keep watching, or change the channel?

Matty: Narcos is subtitled and we love it. Now I also know how to swear in Spanish. Bonus!

Sarah Marie: I actually love subtitles. Sometimes I add it on to my movies so I don’t miss anything. I also tend to start talking through movies, so if I’m reading subtitles it makes me stop.

Jad: Depends on the show itself. If the storyline, actors and scenes from the movie keep me going then it’s fine. Narcos is my favourite and it’s subtitled. The only problem is you can’t be on the phone scrolling whilst watching!

From a season finale to a sporting event, can you think of a moment you’ve been watching something on TV and found tears streaming down your face?

Matty: I can’t say that TV has brought me tears, but the closest I’ve come is watching my beloved Dragons lose to the Storm in the 1999 grand final.

Sarah Marie: Is this targeted at me? I don’t cry at many TV finales, I cry more at movies (the list is endless), but I have to say the most recent was Game Of Thrones, when Khaleesi loses her dragon. I was tearing up for days!

Jad: The last episode of Friends had me going.

Talking to the TV as though the people on the screen can hear you – who is the biggest culprit out of the three of you?

Matty: Definitely Sarah, she even talks to our fish. I’m waiting to come home one day and see her with her head in the fishbowl, literally talking under water.

Sarah Marie: I’m reluctantly putting my hand up for this one. It’s most definitely me I can’t stop! I don’t even realise I’m doing it!

Jad: I would definitely have to say Sarah. Sometimes I feel like I’m at the stadium watching a footy match.

It’s a lazy Sunday after a late night – you’re watching what? And ordering in what?

Matty: Vietnamese food from Marrickville, usually watching a sci-fi movie (unless Jad comes over, he hates sci-fi).

Sarah Marie: If I’m alone it’s definitely either a comedy or cartoons. If I’m with Matty I switch to our favourite sci-fi, but if Jad’s over we switch to something with guns and explosions. I’m usually eating whatever Matty decides to eat, which is generally Pho related.

Jad: When Matty and Sarah aren’t watching a sci-fi movie, I would usually watch an action drama movie and order in El Janna chicken!

Ad breaks are for – Seeing what else is on? Responding to text messages? Toilet breaks? Getting Inspo for what you might buy tomorrow?

Matty: A sneak peek at my social media feed. I try not to but it’s the modern addiction.

Sarah Marie: For me it depends. I’m usually working. I reply to my clients or do my admin. It takes me forever sometimes so it’s a good way to keep myself consistent, but if I’m up to date then I’m talk, talk, talking.

Jad: In between work and checking my social media (especially Instagram) I’m always searching for new food inspo!

Who likes to watch music videos?

Matty: Me, only the hip hop ones.

Sarah Marie: I do, for sure. I love seeing what the artist decides to put together for it.

Jad: I haven’t been into music videos since Rage and the old MTV days back in the late 90s!

Who has control of the remote?


It’s a rare occasion when you’re watching telly alone, what are you watching?

Matty: Sport. Always sport.

Sarah Marie: Keeping Up With The Kardashians or cartoons.

Jad: Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares

Give us an example of something you watched on TV that changed your life.

Matty: Watching the Dragons win the 2010 Grand Final. From that point on all my Bulldog-supporting mates couldn’t give me sh*t for never having seen my team win the premiership. Life changing!

Sarah Marie: The video “Where Did I Come From?” that my mum gave me to watch when I started asking too many questions about where I came from. It saved me from having “The Talk” with my parents, which avoided traumatising me for life… life changing for me and the whole family.

Jad: The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Watching Cathy Freeman light the cauldron made me so proud to call Australia home. It was a moment that united the country and symbolised the spirit of the games. From that moment on I was hooked and haven't missed an opening ceremony since.

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