From the Mouths of Goggleboxers: The Best of Season Two

Bold, cheeky, honest, the families of Gogglebox have continued to have us clutching our sides with their hilarious sofa-side TV commentary. Before season three hits our screens on Thursday, let’s get reacquainted with the gifts from last year’s gab-a-thon.

Episode 1

Corey: “He never got his foot-long.”
Grant: “Oh, he will.”

Fast food will catch up with RBT’s hungry perpetrator eventually, explains Papa Jackson.

Episode 2

Lee: “I’d rather exercise than watch this.”

Dr Who pushes Lee one step closer to the edge (i.e the treadmill)

Episode 3

Symon: Have you ever caught your parents having sex?
Adam: Nooo.
[Cuts to Keith]: “No, they haven’t been fast enough.”

How Not to Behave raises some totes awks familial questions. 

Yvie: "You know Q&A on the ABC? It’s like that, but the poor man’s version.” 

Yvie’s verdict on The Verdict? Two big thumbs down.

Episode 4

Adam: “I feel so much dumber for watching that.”

Adam is less than enlightened by A Current Affair

Wayne: “They won’t let us get married but they’ll let this man get married to an alpaca”

A Mesmerised Wayne ponders the troubling state of marriage equality.

Episode 5

Adam: These two love each other.
Symon: She made out with Sash on the first day.
Adam: Yeah, but this is the last day. Premierships aren’t won in March.

Winning The Bachelorette’s heart is all about the long game.

Episode 6

Anastasia: That’s like me going out with one of my son’s mates.
Faye: Are they hot?

never lets an Age Gap come before beauty.

She looks like she’d like any men. She’d eat them, that woman, look at her.

Age Gap? More like Fatal Attraction.

Episode 7

Yvie: I wanna work on this show. I don’t want to be on it, I want to work on it so I can clean up and eat everything that’s leftovers.
Angie: You could lick the bowls...
Yvie: I would lick the floors.

Yvie’s tongue is dying for a role on The Great Australian Bake-Off.

Episode 8

Tom: “I’ve got beer goggles. I don’t think it makes people more attractive, it just means that I’ll sleep with uglier people.”

MythBusters hasn’t quite nailed the science of beer goggle-ry, feels Tom.

Gogglebox season three premieres 8.30 Thursday on TEN