From the Mouths of Goggleboxers: The Best of Season Two

Bold, cheeky, honest, the families of Gogglebox have continued to have us clutching our sides with their hilarious sofa-side TV commentary.

Episode 1

Corey: “He never got his foot-long.”Grant: “Oh, he will.”

Fast food will catch up with RBT’s hungry perpetrator eventually, explains Papa Jackson.

Episode 2

Lee: “I’d rather exercise than watch this.” Dr Who pushes Lee one step closer to the edge (i.e the treadmill)

Episode 3

Symon: Have you ever caught your parents having sex? Adam: Nooo.[Cuts to Keith]: “No, they haven’t been fast enough.” How Not to Behave raises some totes awks familial questions. 


Yvie: "You know Q&A on the ABC? It’s like that, but the poor man’s version.” 

Yvie’s verdict on The Verdict? Two big thumbs down.

Episode 4

Adam: “I feel so much dumber for watching that.” Adam is less than enlightened by A Current Affair


Wayne: “They won’t let us get married but they’ll let this man get married to an alpaca”

A Mesmerised Wayne ponders the troubling state of marriage equality.

Episode 5

Adam: These two love each other. Symon: She made out with Sash on the first day.Adam: Yeah, but this is the last day. Premierships aren’t won in March.

Winning The Bachelorette’s heart is all about the long game.

Episode 6

Anastasia: That’s like me going out with one of my son’s mates. Faye: Are they hot? Faye never lets an Age Gap come before beauty. Di: She looks like she’d like any men. She’d eat them, that woman, look at her.

Age Gap? More like Fatal Attraction.

Episode 7

Yvie: I wanna work on this show. I don’t want to be on it, I want to work on it so I can clean up and eat everything that’s leftovers. Angie: You could lick the bowls...Yvie: I would lick the floors. Yvie’s tongue is dying for a role on The Great Australian Bake-Off.

Episode 8

Tom: “I’ve got beer goggles. I don’t think it makes people more attractive, it just means that I’ll sleep with uglier people.” MythBusters hasn’t quite nailed the science of beer goggle-ry, feels Tom.

Gogglebox season three premieres 8.30 Thursday on TEN