'Superhuman': Beau Ryan and Liz Ellis Prepare Us For The Epic Return Of Gladiators

Kicking 2024 off with a bang, hosts Liz Ellis and Beau Ryan prepare us for the colossal of Gladiators.

Premiering Monday, January 15 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play, the new year heralds the return of TV's favourite David V Goliath battles: Gladiators. Everyday Aussie contenders will enter the arena, facing off against a brand-new pantheon of champions, the Gladiators, who will test their strength, speed, and stamina.

Watching over the events and the brutal battle between our contenders and the fearsome Gladiators are hosts Beau Ryan and Liz Ellis who both fondly remembered the original series that dominated the air back in the '90s.

"It was must-watch telly for me," Beau said, adding, "I have fond memories of sitting at home with my family watching it, idolising the Gladiators, supporting the contenders and having the opportunity to host it [now] is something I'm really, really excited for."

"I loved the bravery of the contenders, to put themselves on the line against the biggest, baddest people on the planet," Liz said. "Nothing has changed, it was my favourite part of filming Gladiators.

"I loved the idea of doing something that was so obviously fun but also with an element of sporting contest that is in my DNA," the athlete added.

Walking into the arena and seeing the set for the first time, the grand scale of some of the events that pit contender against Gladiator, both Liz and Beau admitted to being awestruck.

"Surreal was the word," Beau said. "I remember when I first walked on set and just said... wow. It just got better and better... everyone was just in awe of the entire production. It still excites me even thinking about it."

"It is really an alternate universe that is set up as an epic battleground," Liz added.

Contenders hoping to prove their worth will have their work cut out for them, as they face off against some of the country's fittest, fiercest athletes.

"Never had I seen so much muscle in such a small locker room," Liz joked. "I was also struck by how different they all are. Even though they are all super fit, they literally embody different types of fitness -- strength, endurance, power... chaos!"

"They were superhuman," Beau added. "Yes, they are big, strong, powerful, athletic and as aesthetically good-looking as I've seen anyone but the way they adapted to each event and handled each event -- the pressure is on them."

Safe from the battlefield as the hosts, Liz laughed when asked if she was intimidated by the Gladiators. "I wasn't intimidated mainly because I didn't have to take them on! It would have been a different story if I was stepping into the arena against them. And absolutely no way was I inspired to take them on! Maybe 20 years ago..."

For fans of the original series, Beau and Liz promised the return of classic events like Power Ball, Pyramid, the Wall, Hang Tough, and Duel, but also teased some brand-new events that will put the contenders to the test.

"And, obviously, the world-renowned Eliminator at the end," Beau added, "just when you think you've had enough -- you've been chased, thrown around and stared down by Gladiators. Just when you get to the end you do it all again in one big combination of events. That's what you want at the end of the day!"

For Liz, Powerball was a personal favourite to watch being the "lovechild of netball and rugby league".

"It requires strength, footwork, and finesse and is one of the best things I have ever watched," she added.

And while she has no intention of facing off against the Gladiators, Liz has been brainstorming her own Gladiator moniker.

"Diamond -- or Swift given that I played for the Swifts, but I would have had to wrestle Taylor [Swift] and that might not have ended well."

Gladiators Premieres Monday, 15 January At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play