'Never Quitting On Yourself Pays Off': Taylah Bisshopp Wins A Nail-Biting Gladiators Australia Finale

It looked all over for Taylah during the Gladiators Australia Grand Finale but everything changed in a split second.

Heading into the final Eliminator, Taylah admitted that she loves being an underdog, and it sure paid off as she faced off against fellow contender Janice. With Janice winning herself a slight headstart, it was all up to Taylah to try and make up time and inch ahead of her competitor to take out the top spot.

And with just seconds to go before crossing the finish line, Janice slipped on the Travelator, providing powerhouse Taylah the perfect opportunity to speed through and take out the glory of winning Gladiators Australia 2024 and her place in the pantheon of elites.

Gladiators - Rx12 - Finale
Taylah celebrating her win alongside the men's winner Kalani Lenehan.

Heading into the Grand Finale, Taylah admitted she was fairly nervous. "I think I was one of the lowest point-scorers pretty much the whole time, and I knew Janice was an absolute weapon so I was very nervous. But I had already beaten a lot of really good athletes so that in itself gave me a lot of confidence."

Having played "pretty much every sport under the sun" the very competitive athlete lists martial arts, skeleton, sprinting, soccer and CrossFit as just some of her loves. "I just added rugby into it actually," Taylah said, adding that her experiences playing Powerball reminded her of her powerful step and inspired her to get into rugby more.

"I don't excel in any one area but I'm generally pretty good at most things -- except for climbing as we probably saw," Taylah laughed. "I think sampling so many different sports developed my skill set and my resilience more than anything because you're a beginner in a lot of things, so you can continue pushing through even if you come away with no points. You're used to it."

With such a varied background covering so many sports, Taylah also didn't want to tweak her training to the Gladiators events and, while training for a skeleton national camp, she also just wanted to challenge herself.

"It was a weird mental thing for me," she explained, "I wanted to see where I am at the moment, do I stand up against other athletes? I didn't change anything... I just kept sprinting and lifting weights.

"I wanted to test where I was, not what I could do with a bit of training. In hindsight, I probably should have added in some climbing," she joked.

Heading into the Eliminator in the Grand Finale, Taylah was starting a few seconds behind Janice, but Janice's headstart was perfect for Taylah.

"Any day of the week I would take someone starting ahead of me," she admitted. "In my opinion, it is so much better to be chasing someone down than to be chased down.

"If someone is chasing you, you can hear them coming and you start making silly mistakes whereas - eyes on the prize - I can see her, I can run 'em down. I'd prefer to start like that any day of the week."

With Janice ahead of Taylah for a majority of the Eliminator, the pair were running a very close race, so when Janice fell with just a step or two left on the Travelator, it opened up a major opportunity for Taylah to power though.

"It was just eyes forward. I knew that if I was going to beat her anywhere it was from the Pyramid to the Travelator," she admitted. "As soon as I got off the pole I just thought I'll sprint as hard as I can."

Janice had said that the Travelator was a weakness for her so, knowing that, Taylah planned to hit the Travelator with as much speed as possible.

"I knew I was behind the whole time, it was the last opportunity so it was very nail-biting but once I realised I had come through all the hard work had paid off, and just not giving up on yourself," Taylah said.

"I think it's really easy, you see in a lot of the other heats and semis, when people realise someone's that far ahead they kind of quit a little bit. Never quitting on yourself pays off, and I was so proud."

As for her Gladiator name, Taylah was inspired by the many run-ins she had with one of the biggest and baddest.

"I really liked Chaos, I think she's just the ultimate Gladiator, so I went with Carnage. I feel like Chaos and Carnage can play in towards each other pretty well and - anytime I had a match with her it was absolute Carnage!"

You can watch Taylah in the Grand Finale of Gladiators Australia as well as the whole season on 10 Play now!